The Simple Justice World Headquarters

Having received some inquiries/complaints about the lack of transparency around SJ, I thought a quick tour might squelch the rumors that this blawg is actually written by a large group of elves in a boiler room.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride.


This is the entrance to SJ World Headquarters.  Notice our security force.  You can never be too safe.


This is the SJ reseach library.


This is the SJ waiting room, where all the important visitors to World HQ sit and wait.


This is the SJ  combo art collection and heating plant.  You can never have too much heat.


And this is where I sit in the morning before sunrise, drink a few cups of joe and type stuff on the computer.  No elves.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

19 thoughts on “The Simple Justice World Headquarters

  1. Kathleen Casey

    None of any of the busybodies’ business but since you mention now I wonder. Is that one of the kids in the first photo or one of the elves?

    My visitors have to push stuff off the sofa too. Love the woodwork. And the doorframes. You were a fratboy?

  2. Stephen

    My questions pretty much begin with the steering wheel on the wall really. There seems to be a story there.

  3. Rick Horowitz

    Is that your office? Or a home office? Or is your law office in your home?

    Love the books. I’m always more comfortable when surrounded by books, which is the one drawback to the ebook revolution in which I am an active and otherwise happy participant.

    I am now thinking, though, that I must somehow find my own officer to stand guard at the door!

  4. SHG

    There’s another side to the library, but I couldn’t get it all into one shot.  And though you can’t see it in the pictures, the mickey mouse ears have “Scott” embroidered on it, and are sitting atop Beethoven.

  5. SHG

    This is the Simple Justice World Headquarters.  It has nothing to do with my law office.  Nothing confusing here.

  6. Kathleen Casey

    Books make the house along with woodwork on the inside. Like trees on the outside.

    And art. I have prints for loan. Or sale. No originals, though someday. Landscapes, figures, human and animals both wild and domestic. I have an eye for colors and framing.

  7. Dan Hull

    Yes. I liked the books, too. Excluding my house there, in all of SoCal there are a total of about 50 or 60 books openly displayed in homes, I think. OK–I was exaggerating. Maybe 75.

  8. SHG

    Funny you should ask.  When I turned 40, my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I told her a Jaguar E-Type.  She threw me a birthday party instead, and at the party, gave me the steering wheel.  As she did so, she announced that she would give me another part every year, and if I lived to 297, I would have the complete car.

    So I went out and bought my Healey.

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