The Lawyer Who Came In From The Cold

About 4:30 p.m. on election day, November 6th, the lights came back on at Simple Justice World Headquarters.  The ambient room temperature went from a nippy 37º to a balmy 54º in just a few hours, after which we peeled off layers of warm clothing.  The television glowed and we stayed up late enough to watch Karl Rove embarrass himself. 

I didn’t learn that the president was re-elected until this morning.  As far as I can tell, there is a direct correlation between this and my power returning. He owes me. 

More importantly, I hear that Mark Bennett received more than one million 1,326,526 votes for seat seven on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Even substracting my votes, that’s over 479 thousand an awful lot of votes, and that’s huge. Congratulations, brother. Killer Keller was re-elected to the all-Republican court. Sorry, Texas, but you get what you deserve.

It felt nearly miraculous to feel normal.  We checked on our friends to make sure they have power and heat (they did), and started thinking about what was needed for the clean-up, whether FEMA disaster relief would be available to us (don’t feel badly; we laughed too) or whether insurance or any other source would cover damage or loss.  It isn’t likely.

Already, the vultures are coming around looking to do post-Sandy repairs and clean-up at a mere triple the price of their services before the storm, when they were begging for work. While many have proven themselves to be good neighbors and friends during the storm, there are some nice folks on Long Island who just can’t resist the urge to take advantage of others.  No surprise there.

There was no ability to do work over the past 8 days, and so there is substantial catch-up to be done. A nor’easter is supposed to hit tonight, and I’m scheduled to fly out of town on Thursday. We’ll see whether that happens.

Thank you for your kind words and wishes during the past week. It certainly brought warmth to an otherwise very cold existence.  Now that the heat is on, I’m determined to return to as much normalcy as the situation permits, and plan to get back to writing about things that matter.  But please know how much I appreciate the support.

9 thoughts on “The Lawyer Who Came In From The Cold

  1. Kathleen Casey Post author

    Good to hear you’re thawing out in safe harbor. Hinterlands problems have seemed very small. Hope it peters out or bypasses you and everyone, somehow, tonight.

  2. RTK Post author

    I voted for Mr. Bennett because I heard he was running through this blog. Maybe one day people here will be less stupid all around, but it seems unlikely. Glad to hear you’re back up and running. You’ll probably get lawyers knocking on your door offering service soon too….

  3. David Post author

    I’m glad to hear that you are well. I am curious about you thoughts on the fact that California has repealed its “three strikes” law.

  4. SHG Post author

    So they repealed three strikes and kept the death penalty. That means they only have two strikes to either put someone in prison for life or kill ’em. That saves California one strike to be used at a later date.

  5. Chris Post author

    Too bad we overwhelmingly passed the “human trafficking” proposition. Really wish people had read the whole proposition and not just the quick views.

  6. SHG Post author

    Usually, they stop reading after the title of a law. Actually, just the acronym. (How could you be against the USA Patriot Act?!? Aren’t you a Patriot?)

  7. Paul Majors Post author

    We didn’t repeal three strikes. We modified the law so that you can’t get life anymore for stealing a slice of pizza. Californians realized it was getting too expensive and needed the money to keep funding our $100 million a year death penalty system. Beware of large groups of stupid people (who vote!)

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