Thanksgiving 2013

It was very late for me, but there was nothing I wanted to do more than to drive to the train station to pick up my boy at 11:17 last night.  He’s home now. I’m thankful to have him asleep in his bed.

The notion of Black Friday is bad enough, but that people who work in retail stores that have decided to push the shopping opportunity forward so that it impairs their ability to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families is just wrong.  Do not go shopping today, no matter how enticing the sales may seem. If you go, you will encourage this wrong.

Stay home with your family so retailers learn that there is no purpose to opening their doors on the evening of Thanksgiving.  Don’t feed the beast.  Don’t reward this insanity so the retailers will think this was a good idea and continue to offer “doorbusters” at 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving.

There will be ample opportunity to throw your good money away on products you don’t really need and won’t last very long or work very well.  There will still be special sale prices tomorrow, which should serve to remind you just how much of a profit margin is built into the crap you buy.

If you must, shop tomorrow. Don’t shop today. If no one comes, they will stop the insanity. If people come, they will not merely do it again, but will seek more ways to make the lives of their employees miserable.  Don’t encourage this. Don’t do it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Ken Bellone

    Amen, someone gets it. The world will not grind to a halt if Best Buy happens to be closed. Once one retailer decides to expand their hours into the wee hours or a holiday, all others feel compelled to do so or they’ll never sell another gadget again. and their stock price will plummet.

    Life is short, and the time we (and those folks working in retail stores, who most folks look down their noses at) ought to be spending at least a little more time with those who matter most. Thanks for the post. Enjoy time with your family and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Jordan Rushie

    I was driving home from my Uncle’s house around 8pm last night, and the Best Buy parking lot was full. I couldn’t help think “how sad.”

    I’d rather spend time with my family, not have more trinkets.

    And besides, my 8 bit Nintendo still works just fine, thanks.

  3. Turk

    An interesting juxtaposition of two of your posts, the other ranting about Apple.

    Apple was closed Thanksgiving for all the reasons you cite.

    1. SHG Post author

      They had to give the geniuses a break from the heavy burden of dealing with the vast numbers of broken Apple iToys. There were so many people there with machines in need of repair that it could have been a One Direction concert.

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