But For Video: Veteran’s Day Goes Green

This video, by a guy who is only identified as “Green,” speaks pretty much for itself.

As regular readers will recognize, the themes in the video have been subject to many posts at SJ, and you don’t need to read them again. If you feel the need to discuss them, point them out, that’s fine, but I have nothing to add that hasn’t been said before.

A search for more information about this incident revealed nothing.  But for Mr. Green, who has no warrants despite being black, no one would have known that this manly deputy punched a special needs woman in the face while his enabling deputy held her.

Sure, it could be argued that Mr. Green could have jumped up and rushed to the woman’s defense, but don’t be greedy about what a good person should do.  He video-taped the punch, he refused to give it up to the cop despite being threatened, and he came forward with it afterward.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Mr. Green.  Thank you for your service.

6 thoughts on “But For Video: Veteran’s Day Goes Green

  1. George B

    > Happy Veteran’s Day, Mr. Green. Thank you for your service.

    I would make it more explicit: Thank you for your service and good citizenship; both abroad and on city buses.

  2. DHMCarver

    What is so great about this video is that Mr. Green states the issues so simply. 1) There are rules of engagement — the officer did not follow them; 2) This will only stop when people who witness these kinds of actions step forward. Bravo, Mr. Green.

  3. j a higginbotham

    The incident seems to be from early Jan 2012 and the woman Julie Nelson. At the end of this newsclip appears coincidentally the homeless army veteran [Jermaine] Green.

    [Ed. Note: Misc. irrelevant crap deleted.]

  4. John Barleycorn

    You sure this is not a recruitment video?

    Have you always wanted to punch an outspoken homeless person in the face? Come on its o.k. to admit it… We all have!

    But if you want to get away with it, considering filling out an application at your local police department.

    Were officer safety always come first and when you are having a bad day you get to punch obnoxious homeless people in the face.

  5. david

    You are all being very judgemental. I would say he actually elbowed her in the face. More effect, easier on the knuckles. He’s probably saved his dept. months of sick leave, and with any luck broke the woman’s jaw, so no media interviews.

    1. John Barleycorn

      Perhaps via the elbow David?

      Nearly ironic that in the SJ back of the front pages today our esteemed one
      was going full “criminal” curmudgeon on the youthful ones of today but with a subtle flavor of younger vigor and sarcasm not often displayed by him while exposing the “envy” (perhaps more likely interest) in his son’s generation’s toys.

      Not at all certain he finds any reconciliation in it but…

      One can speculate it is a fortunate shame he was busy with effort adjusting his tie and more certainly working on his chop and refining his skills without a shaved eyebrow and mohawk of frustration in the depths of the genesis and Hebrew delight of the before commercial “punk rock” movement which did flash in the late 70’s unknowingly setting itself up to “rebel” against the 80’s with spectacular failure.

      Who’s to say what all those niche “movements” could have been with other “modern tools”. Perhaps on display in this post of his.

      Anyway, would you be thankful that the local POLICE aren’t carrying long guns on public transport yet and she wasn’t dropped with the butt of his rifle?


      That has been predicted and paralleled along the way.

      Perhaps it’s time for the esteemed one to “retire” and preach a bit more about his compass.

      Not a suggestion, or hope as I sort of enjoy his current reserved angst.

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