10 thoughts on “Oliver’s Recap

  1. John Barleycorn

    Hey now Nixon gave the token velvet glove a night or two.

    I guess early this morning at the 1:00 a.m. press conference Cpt. Johnson wasn’t joking when he said they were going to re-evaluate their options and resources after going on about all those Molotov cocktails that no one seems to have any footage of. (Not saying it didn’t happen). BTW no officers were injured last night according to the same press conference.

    Too bad the velvet glove approach didn’t come with the bodies to keep an eye on the looting issues but I guess they were just too busy to think of that or to deal with it?

    The bodies will be out there tonight though. Who will be in charge remains to be seen.

    Will be interesting to see what “toys” they bring along and just how many bodies.

    Tonight would be a good night to take the bus or ride your bike if you don’t walk to the night shift children. If you get lucky the National Guard might even give you a neighborhood identification bracket. How cool is that eah?

    Don’t forget “we live right down the street” is no excuse not to be courteous and use the sidewalk.

    P.S. Don’t get shot.

  2. Mike Paar

    Very good video. Surprised others are so insightful though. Here we are, been trying our damnedest to get attention focused on this for years and overnight it seems like everyone has known about it for years and given it considerable, albeit silent, thought. Let’s all hope we see some real changes and that it doesn’t go back to being ignored in a week.

    1. John Barleycorn

      It has been a few years hasn’t it.

      Mr. Oliver is no Dan Quayle…

      But boy Lloyd is now dead too
      as has long been Jack.

      Will the kids play hopscotch tonight

      Flying through the poppycock

      P.S. Hey, somebody has to pick up the slack when Fubar is AWOL.

  3. Lawrence Kaplan

    So they leak drip by drip the requisite information
    To anonymously blacken Michael Brown’s reputation
    And resort to any machination
    To justify his extreme “termination.”
    While we discover to our consternation
    That we are living in the midst of the creation
    Of a goverment that disdains to offer any explanation
    For attacking its subject population.
    Their answer is always more militarization.
    If we swallow their lies without hesitation
    We will lose all our freedom to our eternal damnation.

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