Jenny Miranda Update: A Failed Plan

If someone had bet me that I would mention the name of sensitive publicist, Jenny Miranda, again, I would have taken that bet.  After all, she was a one-post wonder, and sufficiently butthurt that she was going to make magic happen so I could never again besmirch her reputation.

I informed you that you are in the Gorkana database as someone who receives pitches. I will call them myself and show them the blog you wrote and explain to them this is what can happen if you are not removed. I’d hate for another publicist to go through this.

I don’t plan on reaching out to you again. I’ll handle everything through Gorkana directly.

And had I taken that bet that I would never again hear from Jenny Miranda, I would have lost.  And lost quickly.  There it was, in my inbox, prominent, smirking at me, daring me, tempting me.  Another pitch from Jenny Miranda, PR Executive Consultant.


Hope all is well. I wanted to see if you were interested in the below infographic (attached) and article featuring attorney Bruce Provda entitled “Domestic Violence in the U.S.: Facts and Myths.”

Domestic violence is a huge problem in America. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. The infographic breaks down the facts vs. myths about domestic violence in the United States. It also features along examples and the latest statistics state-by-state.

Are you interested in featuring the infographic and article below?

Thank you for your time,

Jenny Miranda

PR Executive Consultant

Not only  was I touched by her personalized approach, the informal “Hi” without a name following it, as would be the greeting between two dear, old friends, but she grabbed me by the collar and forced me to take notice with her “1 in 4 women” assertion, notwithstanding her dubious use of the singular “her” despite the plural, “women.”  Who am I, after all, to question her word usage?

But Jenny, didn’t you tell me a mere a week earlier that you had no plan to reach out to me again?  Did you tell me you, of your own initiative, would reach out to Gorkana, that vague place where only PR executive consultants dwell, and make sure my name would be excised so no other publicist would ever be forced to suffer my vicious, unprofessional meanness?

Jenny, did you lie to me?  Why, Jenny, why didn’t you keep your word?  Why did you reach out to me again?  Why won’t you stop sending me your crappy pitches with your ignorant faux “articles”?

Much as my last post made Jenny sad, she had only herself to blame despite her best effort to blame me for noting her poor judgment.  But this time, she has no excuse.  And lest she be concerned about the time lost to my day from writing this post, it took only a couple of minutes.  Regardless, Jenny, you’re worth it.  And no, I am not interested in your infographic either.

16 thoughts on “Jenny Miranda Update: A Failed Plan

  1. Rendall

    ‘Her’ refers to 1, as in ‘1 (woman) in 4 women…’. It would be ungrammatical to replace ‘her’ with ‘their’. Still funny, though.

        1. Rendall

          If there’s ever a question of object & subject agreement, remove any prepositional phrases. If the sentence is still grammatical (whether or not it makes sense), then subject and object are in agreement. ‘in 4 women’ is a prepositional phrase. Compare: Removing ‘in 4 women’ gets us ‘1 will experience domestic violence during her lifetime’. The alternative is: ‘1 will experience domestic violence during their lifetimes.’

          1. 2.5 Gallons

            English grammar treats words according to their function in a particular sentence, not according to formalistic rules. One in four is the the same as one-fourth, a collective noun. The plural reflects this meaning. Your approach elevates a general rule that explains most sentences above the actual meaning of the phrase “one in four” in this sentence.

      1. Steven M Warshawsky

        I think you’re right, Scott. “1 in 4 women” is a collective noun, the same as saying 25% of women. This refers to a large, numerous group of women. The correct pronoun is their, not her.

        1. Rendall

          If this entire blog were to impart but one solitary piece of information, irrespective of law, politics or public relations, it is critical that piece of information be: ‘1 in 4 women’ is singular.

          That is all. Carry on.

  2. John Barleycorn

    Rarely does one song make for an adequate set.

    Perhaps your duet partner figured your .attorney and .lawyer were getting lonely already.

    I got fifty says she puts down the shovel before attempting stick her tongue down your throat this time around though.

    If not, please sing, sing a song, several even.

  3. Troutwaxer

    “Jenny, Jenny dreams are ten a penny
    Leave them in the lost and found
    Jenny, Jenny dreams are ten a penny
    Get your feet back on the ground”
    – John Kincade

  4. Eowyn

    So at what point does she get reported tothe cops for stalking? After all, you have told her to stop contacting you, she has agreed to stop contacting you, and now she’s back, like a bad date …

  5. JRF

    Since SHG likes definitional issues, one might ask about the appropriateness of using the term “domestic violence” to refer to only one sided adult male violence on purely innocent and non-violent adult females. For example, anyone who actually thinks about this and reads the empirical evidence knows that most household violence is committed by adults against children, but since the most common example is adult women assaulting boys we cannot include that in “domestic violence.”

    1. SHG Post author

      This was a post about Jenny, not the garbage content she was trying to pitch. It’s not worthy of discussion.

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