How To Get Elected As New York’s Attorney General

Sure, New York is well-known as a liberal Democratic state, right? So why is AG Eric Schneiderman running this ad?

Bet you didn’t know that

Taking criminals off our streets and keeping cops safe. There’s nothing more important.

Nothing more important?  The Republicans are running John Cahill, and think they have a chance.

Mr. Schneiderman is facing a hodgepodge of criticism from Republicans, some of it contradictory: He is too hostile to business and Wall Street, too listless in the office, too much a Manhattan liberal.

And so, there is nothing more important than keeping cops safe. Not the Constitution. Not funding indigent defense. Nothing.

But he also suffers by comparison to his immediate predecessors, who used the attorney general’s office to build great political cachet. Eliot Spitzer became the sheriff of Wall Street. Andrew M. Cuomo resurrected his political career. Both vaulted themselves into the governor’s mansion.

The job of AG isn’t supposed to be sexy.  The AG is the attorney for the state, representing it in litigation. It carries ancillary responsibilities, such as policing charities and consumer fraud. And yes, there is some tangential criminal prosecution authority, but the AG is secondary to District Attorneys, who are primarily responsibility for the prosecution of crime.

After the success of Eliot Spitzer of turning the perception of the office into a crime fighting position, and using his fame to catapult himself into the governor’s mansion, it’s the new job description. It worked for Cuomo.  But Schneiderman has managed to blow the bully pulpit and turn the job into an unmemorable backwater.

So now he’s airing 30 second spots to teach the people of New York that there is nothing more important than “taking criminals off our streets and keeping cops safe.”

But before anyone screams about Schneiderman being dangerous, note that it’s already been done by his opponent.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, bear in mind that the woman prosecutor in Cahill’s ad is Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, who is running as a Democrat for Congress.  Rumor is that they will all be coming out with a proposal to enhance sentence for all felony convictions of life plus cancer.

And lest anyone make note of it, guess what part of Scheiderman’s ad appeals to the cop union money.  You can’t win an election in New York without union money, right?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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