Housekeeping: Thanks, But.

As my pal Ken says, “my people have no tradition of proofreading.” I write posts quickly. They’re not legal briefs, but blawg posts. I don’t proofread them. They have typos, and my editor, David, sends me corrections when he awakes from his drunken stupor. Until then, the typos remain.

I could spend my time proofreading, but I choose not to. I prefer instead to just write so that I can get the ideas out without fussing over the details. It’s not that I don’t care about typos, or that I wouldn’t prefer to correct them, but it’s the allocation of scarce resources: my time.

I appreciate it when people point them out to me so I can correct them, but when people leave comments about typos, it just burdens the comments with extraneous stuff. So, here’s the new deal: if you want to alert me to a typo, do so by any means you want, email, twit or comment.  Please know that I appreciate your doing so.

But if by comment, I will no longer post the comment, which I’ve done in the past as an acknowledgement to the correction. While I appreciate it, the comment will be trashed after the typo is corrected and I will no longer acknowledge or thank you for the heads up. I do this so my comments section will be limited to substantive ideas and not filled with typo comments.

Thanks. Carry on.

15 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Thanks, But.

      1. Jeff Clarke

        How about giving macroaggression a try? A quick search finds 197,000 hits for microaggression, but only 3,690 for macroaggression. Opportunity knocks!

  1. Ted Kelly

    I’m the guy that spends twenty minutes cleaning up an email that took five minutes to compose. I think a couple of people over the years have appreciated the effort I put in, but I can’t be sure. I’ve read through more than a few typos in your posts. Not surprising given your output, while two time zones behind I’m still batting at the snooze button. Every morning there are several posts waiting for me. I’ll gladly take two or three of your daily posts over a single perfectly edited one.

    1. John Barleycorn

      Is this some sort of submissive typo-graphical kinky flirting or are you just calling the esteemed one a slut that likes to put out?

        1. Ted Kelly

          Since you’re retooling things around here, why not add a row of shiny buttons at the bottom. Then I could passive aggressively click the thumbs down on clever comments directed at me. Anonymously of course.

    2. SHG Post author

      A long time ago, I made a decision to put my time toward writing posts and, given that they were only friggin’ blawg posts, not toward proofing them. My working assumption was that people who chose to read SJ would be smart enough to understand and forgive me my typos. For the most part, they are, and they do.

  2. Fubar

    Just one slight typographical error
    makes a beater of one who’s a bearer,
    who has borne his dear wife
    through bliss and through strife.
    Eukonkanto champs tremble in terror!

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