Happy Thanksgiving

It may not seem this way all the time, but I really do appreciate the fact that anyone takes the time out of their busy day to read what I write. I am deeply thankful. And I am especially thankful for David M’s invaluable help in making SJ happen by making my typos go away and making me appear less of a dolt.

Hope dinner at your house is a lot like mine.  

And I am very thankful to be on my way in the early morning (instead of writing SJ, as is my norm) to pick up my son at the airport. I miss him very much.

41 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Ehud Gavron

    I’m thankful for the thoughts you write, and the early-morning math puzzles to respond.

    Happy TG to you and yours.

    Tucson AZ US

  2. the other rob

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Scott. We’re having a roast leg of lamb, with roasted parsnips. Afterwards, I may crank up the Thorens and put on some Yes or Zevon. There’s plenty to be thankful for right there.

    1. SHG Post author

      I love lamb, but this year is barbecue Turkey because a very kind SJ reader is generous to me. And Zevon rocks.

  3. Neil Dunn

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all your posts. Question-which one in the picture is you or did you get stuck being the photographer?

  4. Vin

    Hello Sir,

    I’d love to be able to give you the gift of going away, but, I cannot as you are way to interesting a character.

    Thanks for your unrelenting determination to make the world smarter.

  5. Jim Tyre

    I’m not sure if I can take all this sappiness from you. Still, Happy National Alka-Seltzer Awareness Day!

  6. dm

    Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Greenfield. I found your blawg this year and I read it every day. Thank you for your effort at maintaining a first-class endeavor.

  7. Mario Machado

    Happy Thanksgiving SGH. Many thanks and kudos to you for your excellent blog, and for Fault Lines. If you were in Miami, you would have first dibs on the whole pig we’re roasting for Thanksgiving.

  8. Chris Ryan

    Happy Thanksgiving, Scott.

    As much as we all like to complain about how loud kids can be, they are the sound of life and are missed terribly when they are not around.


    1. SHG Post author

      Tell me about it. I now yell at my kids to have their own soon so I can have grandchildren. It’s the least they can do for me.

      Happy Thanksgiving, Chris.

  9. morgan sheridan

    Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for all that I learn here. May your day be filled with good cheer and good company!

  10. Grock

    This Thanksgiving don’t forget the gravy. The gravy. This message about gravy has been brought to you by the Intergalactic Gravy Council, the members of which have granted the Manischewitz early release from the liquor cabinet.

  11. enjointhis!

    Long-time lurker, infrequent poster. Thanks for all you write. I read your blog daily, if only to take comfort in knowing I’m not alone in my skeptical view of others’ actions and motives. I hope your Thanksgiving has been filled with comfort, turmoil, love, compassion, and delicious turkey. -ET!

    (p.s. compassion for others; the turkey, not so much)

  12. Patrick Maupin

    Happy thanksgiving, and enjoy all your time together with your family. (We’re just recovering here from having 17 people over.)

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