Corey Who?

The Palm Beach Post revealed that there is audio of Corey Jones’ murder.

An audio recording of the controversial shooting of Corey Jones by a Palm Beach Gardens police officer six months ago does exist, The Palm Beach Post has learned, and it doesn’t completely match what the officer told investigators.

Corey who?  Just a dead black guy on the side of the road who had the misfortune of his car breaking down.  Nothing to concern yourself with, especially when compared to critical matters of racial injustice, the papercuts of oppression that are so painful and horrible that they demand our complete attention rather than, say, the murder of Corey Jones.

Quick, crank up the outrage machine. I hear there’s a white guy in dreadlocks who might get away with it. And don’t worry your pretty heads about Corey Jones. He’s dead. He no longer feels any pain, unlike you sad papercut survivors.

5 thoughts on “Corey Who?

  1. Catherine Mulcahey

    I am outraged. I am disgusted.
    Corey Jones was killed about 150 yards from the building my office was in. He was sitting in his car on an I-95 off-ramp waiting for a tow truck at 3:30 in the morning. An undercover cop in an unmarked vehicle who was supposed to be working burglary detail shot him three times. Corey had a gun, and a permit for the gun. His gun, found near his body, hadn’t been fired.
    I learned a lot at “Justice for Corey” rallies. He was on his way home from a Saturday night gig with a band. He turned down a ride from a bandmate. His drums were in the car and he said he needed to play them at church on Sunday morning.
    In the past couple of years I have been to a funeral for one friend’s 19-year-old nephew and contributed funds to help another friend’s 19-year-old nephew paralyzed from the waist down. Both were young black men shot by cops. Corey Jones was murdered in a place I have driven past thousands of times, and I think about him every time I use that ramp.
    This has got to stop! I don’t know what I can do to help, but I’m willing to try.

    1. SHG Post author

      Note the link in the post. I wrote about him when it happened. But now? No one seems to care, outside of a small circle of friends.

  2. A HREF

    Corey was a friend of a friend of my son’s. He was shot at the exit that I take very morning to go to work.

    But we’re too outraged over the missing teenaged boater’s iPhone and the man, er, person eating tiger to worry about Corey Jones and any recording.

    So carry on.

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