5 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2016

  1. Robert Newton

    In the comments to that post, you said:

    “I post your question only to note its fallacy: service men and women serve for their country. Whether our country deserves their service has nothing to do with their choice to serve. Whether our political leaders deserve the authority to send soldiers into harm’s way has noting to do with their duty. Don’t confuse the principles of those who serve with your ideology.

    So yes, the men and women who serve in our military have every reasonable expectation to fight for our freedoms, and they always will, regardless of politics.”

    You often post about the nonsense of using subjective “feelz” as a basis for making decisions. Yet your statement above is exactly that same sort of thing which you condemn in other contexts. Your position here amounts to saying that the only thing that matters is the feelz of the soldiers as to what they imagine they are serving for, regardless of whether or not it has any basis in reality.

    However, of course, in reality as opposed to the world of feelz, it friggin matters what the hell they do under what orders and in what cause. An adult human being has a basic responsibility to make damned sure that he does not lend his efforts to a horrible cause. He has a friggin duty to separate feel good delusions from harsher reality. Blindly volunteering to be an obedient tool for whatever purposes a political leader wants accomplished is not an admirable thing. On the contrary, it is contemptible.

    1. SHG Post author

      If it’s murdering civilians in My Lai, yes. If it’s that every soldier gets to decide whether or not to follow orders based on his/her own politics, it’s absurd. The reason is self-evident.

    2. Andrew

      There is nothing rational about your argument. When someone joins the military, they do so with the understanding that they will be required to obey orders, and they make a commitment to do so. They don’t follow orders because of feelz, but because without following orders, the military can’t serve its function.

      Government, policies, regimes, orders change during the course of military service, but the commitment remains the same. It has nothing to do with feelz, but with honoring one’s commitment.

  2. Sabine

    To David M. 2015: your grandfather. My father. To SHG: tell your father I said thank you..

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