Fault Lines: A Few Federal Judges and You?

It’s that time again, as Fault Lines is looking to expand its writers to continue to bring in diverse views of the system. Fault Lines has the most remarkable, most experienced, most knowledgeable corps of writers on criminal law on the internet. But we’re greedy. We want more.

Who? We want academics with a sense of humor. We want cops, cop union lawyers, prosecutors. We want judicial clerks. We want defense lawyers. We want males, females, and any other letter of the alphabet. We want blacks, whites, browns, greens and purples. We want all smart, funny, thoughtful legitimate voices.

But what if you’re not yet an experienced lawyer? What if you’re knowledgeable of, and deeply interested in, criminal law, but don’t think you have the resume to offer an experienced perspective? Heck, we want you too. We’ve started the Fault Lines junior varsity team, a place where n00bs can learn and grow under the watchful eye and gentle hand of an old curmudgeonly guy. No tummy rubs, and the demands are hard, but if you have the writing chops, you will get the support you need and the opportunity to go as far as your talent will take you.

Interested? You know where to find me. [email protected]

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