One Less Twitter Follower For All The Wrong Reasons: @Ebolamerican

Milo Yiannopoulos, who twits under the name @Nero, trades in outrageousness to make his gay conservative point as tech editor at Breitbart. Hate him all you want (and for SJWs, that was plenty), but it failed to serve as compelling justification to remove his blue check mark. Robert Stacy McCain wasn’t so lucky, being stricken from the twitters for being too harshly conservative.

Now, it’s Josh Smith.

Josh Smith, a Cornell graduate who runs a private legal practice in Pennsylvania, had his account “@ThisIsJoshSmith” suspended and then restored five times over the course of six months, without any explanation from Twitter. This led Smith to believe that his suspensions were “false positives” – a flaw in the platform’s algorithms.

Josh Smith comes across as polite, mild-mannered, and intellectual. He publishes long, thoughtful posts on politics, the law and society on his personal website, which only rarely descend to personal attacks. If he wasn’t a conservative, he’d be the last person you’d expect to have had his Twitter account suspended multiple times.

Unlike Milo or McCain, Josh Smith and I interacted on occasion, first under his @ThisIsJoshSmith account and later under his new account, @Ebolamerican. He was a follower, and sometimes retwitted something I wrote, sometimes offered a comment and sometimes disagreed with me. While his views were decidedly conservative, I can attest to his coming across as “polite, mild-mannered and intellectual.”  And indeed, when we disagreed, he didn’t do what so many others (read, “SJWs”) do, start sputtering curses, attacking while simultaneously blocking so that his twits couldn’t be retwitted in the ordinary course.

Just the opposite. Sometimes he would concede a point. Sometimes not. But never did he behave poorly, cowardly or childishly. And sometimes he would persuade me that his point was better than mine.

A few days ago, while I was the target of an adorable girl* expressing her deepest thoughts on the twitters, Josh chimed in to point out that allegiance to the SJW gods wasn’t a substitute for rational thought. He was, as usual, “polite, mild-mannered, and intellectual.”  And he was, despite this, attacked for white knighting me, being dismissed as a fanboy.

Josh’s response was that, while he followed me, we engaged only occasionally. He was not my defender, but twitted on his own account.  And this was true. It’s not that we were unfriendly, but that we were hardly besties, with one rushing to the aid of the other.

And now twitter has disappeared him?  And twitter offers no explanation for disappearing him?

It goes without saying that twitter, as a private not for profit enterprise, can serve anyone it wants.  It can deny service to Josh, if that’s its choice. It can do so without explanation, if that’s its choice. That’s what it means to live in a nation where private parties get to do whatever they want to, provided they don’t violate a law in the process, The twitters isn’t subject to the First Amendment, even if you feel it should be.

But if they can disappear Josh, then they can disappear me. I certainly write things that upset people, that make them sad, that fail to comport with their mindnumbingly irrational belief systems to which they hold dear despite all reason. And some of the girls (yes, I did it again) on the twitter Trust and Safety Counsel (“Making the internet Safe and Pink so You Don’t Have To”) think I’m a terrible person, a stupid misogynistic rape apologist, etc.

Perhaps I will awake one morning to find that the twitters no longer want me.  And there will be nothing to do about it, other than write a post to say bye to the twitterers who don’t hate me enough.  But if the twitters hate Josh Smith enough to disappear him, then there is little hope that anyone who doesn’t call those people the twitters hates “fucking idiots” who will be allowed to remain.

Are my days on the twitters numbered?  Maybe.  And if I’m not there one day, you will know why.  Because if Josh Smith is the sort of person the twitters disappears, so am I.  Plus, his suspension leaves me with one less twitter follower, and it’s not because he decided that my twits weren’t worth his time.

*Thanks, Keith Lee. I just love this gif.


21 thoughts on “One Less Twitter Follower For All The Wrong Reasons: @Ebolamerican

  1. B. McLeod

    Perhaps Twitter has hired the “moderators” from ABA Journal. It certainly looks like the same core principle is at work.

    1. John Barleycorn

      Pro Tip: It’s is always best to protect yourself from the “false positive” crossover algorithmic gremlins with a steady baseline of ABBA streaming but the people that actually read the ABA Journal already known that.

      Speaking of which did you read that fine article in the ABA Journal last month about how lawyers who are active on the twit channels are less likely to sit alone in the lunch room at the courthouse cafeteria?

      1. Jim Tyre

        The ABA: ABBA after #Bexit.
        I must have missed the ABA Journal article, I was too busy tweeting.

      2. Ray Lee

        Hey, how about a trigger warning!? Those days of sitting alone is the lunch room were rough!

        1. John Barleycorn

           Spealking of ‘trigger warnings’…

          ‘Ray Lee’, JUST what kind of name is that?

          You wouldn’t happen to be an underweight 50-something bailiff or a 40-something overweight ADA from New Jersey trying to fit in would you?

          I bet you and Josh Smith have as much in common as the esteemed one and cocktail party bouncers in third-time-around-‘up’-and-comming- neighborhoods above the 2nd floor of no-where-in particular NYC.

          However, I hope you do realize the esteemed one spends two hours a day, everyday, between 2:10 and 4:10 EST, perfecting his ‘@’ in fountain pen, which he painstakingly hand scribes onto the  2 to 5 busisness cards per party he mythologicaly feigns off on the bouncers on his way out the door at a half a dozen “vip” parties a month.

          I hope you also know that he has taken to this TWIT deal, as of late, as some sort of personal challange, that he can’t confirm.

          And it piss-es him off to no ends that he can’t track his search- ability inversely through his season ticket sales polling ‘followers’.

          Anyway, I have been telling him for years that figureing out how to get Google to inhale both of his testicles simultaneously is enough and he should let me take SJ to the next level.

          But will he listen, let alone, sell out with perceived  “ownership” privileges before inflation destroys his retirement?


          And yet, you Mr. Ray Lee have the nerve to faux off OR actually be a bailiff or ADA from New Jersey while the esteemed one throws Josh under the bus!

          I hope you can live with the consequences because if you and everyone else in the back pages of SJ are going to let the esteemed one throw Josh under the bus without even asking him to explain how he puts his heal/shoulder shudder “trip” on the bouncers everytime is beyond me…

          I seems I have no choice, this being the esteemed ones 18th TWIT-o-Sphere post yearning to disguise itself on the last seven months.

          He will never sell until his pointer breaks the chains and is thrown to the “scent” level. I HAD NO CHOICE…

          AND, I hope you back page readers know this pains me beyond anything that is quantitatively comprehensible.

          But the future of SJ being sherpered into sane hands deplores me to hand over the fist key.

          Not to do so would adversely effect the affect of the next 15 justices appointed the the Supreme Court after it is expanded to 21 justices in the next seven years.

          Bob Hope Is Dead.

          Dolores Hope lived to be 102 years old.

          Meanwhile Rosalynn Carter, soon to turn 89,  is worried that the man she needs no permission from, nor ever has, might spill the beans on Facebook during his next mortality check, or worse yet at Bush 41’s future funeral after she tells him the soon to be inevitable.

          Because sure as Texas refuses to broker any cut of meat except her briskits through NY rabbis, Big Bush Barbara is going to “rape” Rosalynn with a make-out-after-chit-chat-impulse in Chelsea Clinton’s limo invetween the shuffling to the next burial plot.

          Rosalyann-mind you well- is not, as of yet, certain that if her man slips; that the SJWs on the Twit-o-Sphere will understand, let alone comprehend that Eleanor Roosevelt’s greater hairy groin area and genitalia should replace Washington’s face (which I fully agree with) before or after Hillary’s Third World War Negotiations.

          She has serious reservations about Hillary insisting that her 2016 campain smile replace the other Roosevelt’s ‘meh and the Army Core of Engineers sacrificing the concrete for greater acess to Regan National Airport to have her husband fulfill his legacy in stone teabagging Abe.

          The key?

          Melania Trump and Regina Lasko will end up flanking David Letterman at Justin Bieber’s cincert in just about 16 weeks…


          Well a year after Dolores’ death, at 102, in 2011 more than 101 million Twits posted in excess of  340 million tweets a day.

          Today in the year 2016 Twitter has over 310 million active Twits tweeting a month, in-between making perhaps 3.9 to 5.3 Billion search queries a day.*

          But no one, not one Twit to this very day, has tweeted about or inquired as to wheather or not Bob asked Dolores’ permission to take  Rosalynn’s balcony virginity on the catwalk space to the box during KC and the Sunshine’s Bands1978 preformance.

          Rosalyn Carter, will turn 89 this August.

          The first 30 seconds of the video bellow is definitive proof that the ongoing search for sexual balance will continue to touch our leaders at the higest levels.

          Bob and Roslynn are not tuning blame.

          KC and Sunshine Band and ABBA to this day slug it out every summer.

          These bands will inadvertently start World War III.

          *The last time The TWIT publicly  released their travelers fats was in 2012 and that was coming in at 1.6 Billion search queries a day. Porn pegged their overall Q’s at 9.8 million which I don’t think was too far off at the time.

          P.S. Can the esteemed one stop throwing people under the TWITTING Bus in time to save us from World War III?

          1. losingtrader

            If I’m not totally confused, this qualifies for SHGism #31:
            31)I’m waiting to see where this ends up. It’s pretty batshit crazy to me.

  2. Mike

    Looks to me like TPTB on the trust and safety council want the Twitter’s to be their very own echo chamber. Everybody else just needs to shut up and listen.

    Is that about the size of it?

  3. mb

    Don’t worry, it’s just one random guy that nobody’s heard of. It’s not like Twitter is penalizing people for wrongthink . . .

    . . . is what I was told when they suspended Phil Mason, a scientist with a popular youtube channel about being an atheist and criticizing SJWs, particularly trust and safety council member, Anita Sarkeesian . . .

    . . . and when they banned conservative reporter Charles C. Johnson, based on their pretended stupidity that they believed that his statement that he wanted to “take out” an SJW was a threat of violence . . .

    . . . and when they suspended some lady, whose name isn’t really Janet Bloomfield, but that’s what she uses on the interwebz, who originated the popular hashtag, #womenagainstfeminism . . .

    . . . and when they banned Stacey, frequent critic of Democrats, and especially feminists, including trust and safety council member, Anita Sarkeesian . . .

    . . . and when they took the unprecedented step of un-verifying Milo, creator of the popular meme, Feminism is Cancer . . .

    . . . and when they suspended conservative commentator, Dana Loesch’s husband, Chris . . .

    . . . and when they banned me from the entire internet . . .

    I could go on.

      1. B. McLeod

        Maybe the pendency of the election has the SJWs stepping up their focus on silencing conservative voices?

  4. m.j.

    I’m a terrible person, a stupid misogynistic rape apologist, etc.

    Ummm…no. You are exhibiting boyish behavior.

    1. SHG Post author

      There’s probably something you’re trying to say, not realizing that such a vague first comment offers no clue.

      1. B. McLeod

        Although people who are generally clueless also typically offer no clue. So it could be that.

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