Bleg: Help Needed

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to have kind, smart people help me with SJ. As should be apparent, I type but never proof my posts. No, these aren’t briefs or memos, and yes, my people do have a tradition of proofreading, but only of other people’s writing. Not our own.

Dear Marilou was my editor a long time. Then David Meyer-Lindenberg did the heavy lifting for me. But his other responsibilities have overtaken his available time.

So, I need some help. I need an editor.

If you have the chops, the willingness to clean up my mess every morning and the time to help (like I have the time to write), please let me know. Understand that I will rely on you. As David will tell you, it’s a responsibility, for which you get to enjoy the same great prestige and wealth that I do. In other words, it’s a burden, but you will have my thanks and appreciation, and enable me to continue to produce SJ without looking like any more of a blithering idiot than my correctly-spelled words and grammar deserve.

Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Bleg: Help Needed

  1. Billy Bob

    BB has a degree in English Lit from PoDunk U. in the western region. Would that be sufficient qualification? You made your bed; so lie in it! We luv it when you make mistakes, cause then we, the loyal readership, get to correct you. It’s a two-way street, so to speak. Just sayin’.

    We’re recommending Barleycorn for the job. Maybe Patrick; he’s all over the place like a bad rash.

  2. Beth

    Would love to help. As a mom I’m good at telling others what to do. I have no life, so I’m pretty much the ideal candidate.

  3. John Barleycorn

    Didn’t Bukowski once warn young men about the perils of editing, or was that writing poetry?

    If he didn’t he probably should have.

    You cold resist your squeamish nature you  know, and even one up the editing quandry by dusting off the typewriter for your future posts. Then simply let the scan to pfd.doc function serve as your only line of modern, defence, formality, or polish.

    Words don’t mean anything anymore anyway, so why not take grammar to the hammer level too?

    The therapeutic nature of the keystrokes alone might elevate the raw nature of “things and content”  to such heights that your  “typos” become to be seen as merely the sweat and blood you leave on the field.

    Headlines are an entirely different animal however and require something that even the most surgical edit can not by design provide. You should auction that privilege off now and then for a week or two and start a Greenfield/[your new and past editors] French Scholarship program with the proceeds.

    Tip off the hat, and a warm smile to all those that have taken the editor at large post in the past at SJ and the one or ones about to step fort. Hey,  everyone knows Greenfield is “squeamish” and my guess is his editors keep him from fainting, especially when he gets on a roll. “Editors” your efforts do not go unnoticed.

    P.S. If you do end up taking my advice and then take it to the next level and find yourself  needing type setters, I am up for a tour if your garage is heated and you got room for my tractor.

  4. Hal Broker

    I can help with proofreading. I’m retired and read your posts each morning. I see you have corrected “product” to “produce” in the last sentence so maybe your need has already been met.

  5. Jake

    As much as I hate to deny someone the incredible joy of editing your posts every day, I can show you how to install Grammarly if you like. It works quite well and provides spelling, punctuation, and grammar correction in real time.

    1. SHG Post author

      Oh cool, the world of computerized mediocrity and homogenization that’s​ “good ​enough.”

      1. Jake

        Oh quaint, an old guy demonstrating contempt prior to investigation and resistance to new technology.

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