Very Short Take: Alt-Snowflake

Somebody’s feelz were hurt really, really bad, so they disrupted something because they felt it was so terribly wrong!

A production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park was disrupted on Friday evening by two protesters who objected to the bloody scene in which the title character, played by an actor costumed and styled to resemble President Trump, is knifed to death.

A woman who later identified herself on social media as Laura Loomer jumped onto the stage just after the assassination of Caesar and began shouting, “Stop the normalization of political violence against the right,” and, “This is violence against Donald Trump.” Ms. Loomer describes herself as a “a right-wing investigative journalist and activist” who has previously worked with James O’Keefe, the conservative activist known for selectively edited undercover video investigations.

The SJWs have the Antifa, silencing what they decry as hate speech on campus. The alt-right has Loomer and her enabler, Jack Posobiec, who doubled down on the disgrace.

Ms. Loomer’s interruption of the scene was being recorded by a man in the audience who began shouting, “You are all Goebbels,” a reference to the Hitler aide and Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. On social media, Jack Posobiec, an activist who supports President Trump and has been associated with conspiracy theories, identified himself as Ms. Loomer’s collaborator.

The problem here isn’t right and left, but snowflakes who love their own free speech and hate the other sides. A pox on both your houses isn’t good enough, but I won’t waste good adjectives on such slimy, hypocritical snowflakes.

Some have called this “much ado about nothing,” but they’re wrong. Silencing speech, or art, or political commentary, is a big deal, whether it’s right or left. It hurt your alt-right feelz? Too fucking bad, snowflakes. Toughen up.

11 thoughts on “Very Short Take: Alt-Snowflake

  1. Chris Van Wagner

    In years past, people voted with their ticket money and personal attendance. The O’Keefers would do better to set up their own stage and put on their own updated version of some classic. That way, those present could choose which production to watch – if not both. Debate, not disruption, feeds the discussion. Barbed or distasteful satire educates with an edgy humor, in some ways just as Lenny Bruce did despite repeated excoriation. Just yesterday, in my adopted home of Madison WI, I saw a man sporting a homemade T-shirt that said, in juvenile lettering, “DONT SHOOT, I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN.” Poor taste? Absolutely. Free speech? Every day and twice on Sunday. Put your own message next door, Snowflakes, O’Keefers or not, and see what sells on the great lawn.

  2. Jim Tyre

    Snowflakes (original recipe) are perfectly wonderful things – lovely, fleeting and harmless. Why have we as a society allowed their name to be transmogified into a term of opprobrium? Why, Why?

  3. James L. Smith

    Well, it was kinda funny and gave us all a chance to hear an eloquent dissent from Ben Shapiro for a change. No fan of the heckler’s veto here, from either side of the political spectrum, although I have to admit I didn’t wince when I saw Moldylocks get what she deserved.

    Why don’t you write a few of your essays without editing. I am drawn to your work like a moth to a candle. As an English major I usually overlook spelling and grammar mistakes when the writing is so full of ideas and so erudite as yours is. Most everyone does.

    I used to clench my teeth a little whenever some youngster would correct Prof. Volokh. But it’s the content that counts.

  4. James

    Having seen the video, I don’t think Posobiec was shouting “Goebbels,” but “gerbils!” Meaning they are tiny furry, harmless critters with teeth made for eating cardboard who run on a circular treadmill all day, squeaking and exercising but accomplishing nothing.

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