The New Hostess With The Mostest

As of yesterday, SJ has changed hosts from A2Hosting to Fused. There may be some bugs to work out along the way, because technology is wonderful and fixes everything. If you see a problem with SJ, please let me know. That doesn’t mean I’ll know what to do about it, but at least I can try.

And immediately after the switch, I lost the capacity to access the SJ dashboard. After an intriguing discussion about equality v. freedom, Jake came to my rescue and helped me fix this vexing problem. Thanks, Jake.

At the moment, I’m having a bit of an issue here, with SJ pages rendering in a lovely but unreadable shade of blue.

Whether this is happening to you, I dunno. I’ve already sent an email to my new host, and if anybody reading actually knows* why this is happening, I would appreciate hearing from you. There will be bugs. I will keep trying. Bear with me, please.

*As in, you actually know how to birth babies.

23 comments on “The New Hostess With The Mostest

  1. Tom H

    I’m getting the blue too, but when I hit the subject line everything looks readable. Best of luck.

  2. Griffin3

    The technical reason, is the body is rendering with a custom-background class, background-color = #002a51, which is a dark blue. Changing that to #ffffff (white) or even #e0e0ff (light blue) makes it perfectly readable.

    In wordpress, blah blah “the Custom Background screen in the administrator’s Appearance menu. ” “When the administrator sets custom values for the theme, WordPress generates an extra style sheet in-line …” “setting the default-color has no effect until the administrator visits the Custom Background page.”

    (I have never touched wordpress in my life. But maybe this is enough to feel your way around?)

    1. SHG Post author

      Tweaking the background color by eliminating the blue will turn the background white, but that really doesn’t fix the problem or explain why the theme that worked and should, theoretically still work, doesn’t work. It’s a workaround, but not a solution.

      Also, aside from the blue issue, the sidebar diaappears. so the problem seems to relate to a failure to render the theme and not just the color.

  3. Robert Fusfeld

    In Apple OS X using Safari browser the blue background disappears when you use “reader view.” Hope this helps your tech gurus.

  4. Rachel M.

    I’m seeing problems when reading your blog over a secure/«HTTPS» connection. I think the links to the stylesheets aren’t being requested securely, and Chrome (mobile and desktop) is refusing to load them. I’m not sure if this is new or just a coincidence, but it sounds similar to Griffin3’s deal. I could write you a small book on this, but I’m sure if you bother Fused they’ll give you some pointers. Or Google for «mixed content error».

    Hopefully that helps.

    1. Don

      This is the answer. Opening up the source yields that some elements and links are http when viewing as https. I’d recommend that you enable https across everything and this should fix the problem. Your hosting provider should be able to assist with this.

      Good luck,

  5. Brian Cowles

    All looks exactly the same as it always has on Android & Chrome browser. No complaints here.

  6. JR

    No problems here on MacOS. Looks normal.

    I’d help you out but I don’t touch WordPress blog sites. It is almost the same as using LegalZoom to try and get out of a DUI charge and then asking a real CDL for help after you are found guilty. Some of us tech guys can be a bit snobbish.

    BTW. Did the A2 TOS changes really piss you off that much?

    1. SHG Post author

      Nah, I thought the TOS were funny and foolish, but irrelevant. Just noise. I think we’ve got the problem licked, so if anyone still sees a problem, let me know, but otherwise, Fused came through on a Sunday like a champ.

  7. Joseph

    Other than the background now being twice as distractingly and vibrantly blue as before, https site looks just like it did before.

  8. Richard Kopf


    I too had the blue screen of irritation. I attributed it to a hack. I assumed Appellate Twitters, and Rafi the rapscallion, together with the rascally Rachel, had decided that they were not going to take it anymore. I am slightly disappointed that I was evidently wrong. But still . . .

    All the best.


  9. John Barleycorn

    This is a good start but sooner or later, for the sake of your future grand kids getting rich off the archives if nothing else, you are gonna have to man up and hire someone to write your own platform, and run it off a few dedicated servers in someone’s basement in Germany.

    Just saying, but cheers to yet another successful migratory transition.

    You ain’t as stupid as you look.

  10. losingtrader

    “Nobody is that stupid. Well, maybe somebody.”

    After reading the title, my mouth was watering over the idea of packaged chocolate cupcakes with a sugary -cream filling.

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