Short Take: Greetings From New Jersey

While rampant anti-Semitism in Mahwah, New Jersey, has brought the state’s attorney general down on the locals, who have no issue with the good Jews but only with the bad ones, Councilman George Ervin runs for election on the Confederate Towel Party line.

So is this just an anomaly in the Garden State? No. No it’s not.

Having grown up in Metuchen, New Jersey, a tiny borough surrounded by the town of Edison, this doesn’t exactly come as a shock. While mine was nicknamed “the brainy boro,” Edison was considered a less than desirable place to live. Why? There were certainly good, smart, kind, intelligent folks who lived in Edison, but there were also the kind of racist assholes who would put out something like this:

Don’t hate Edison. Don’t hate New Jersey (well, no, just don’t). But whoever put this out, whoever agrees with it, whoever thinks this isn’t absolutely outrageous, go fuck yourself.

I left New Jersey at 17 and never looked back.

15 thoughts on “Short Take: Greetings From New Jersey

  1. B. McLeod

    I suppose it is no secret that Philadelphia has Commodore Dewey’s old flagship, Olympia, moored in the river to keep people from Jersey out. Of course, never slow to escalate, the Jerseyites have a battleship on their side. They need to send an admiral from somewhere to sort this all out.

    1. SHG Post author

      As a middle school student, we took a class trip to Dewey’s ship. It’s what inspired me to join the Nebraska navy.

      1. B. McLeod

        Marvelous old ship, and one of the oldest (if not the oldest) steel hull warship(s) still in existence.

  2. PDB

    Their point about not wanting Chinese and Indians to take over the schools might be better taken if the kids of Chinese and Indian immigrants weren’t, on average, vastly outperforming the kids of native-born white Americans.

  3. Michael McNutt

    Wish this was only the garden state,it isn’t and I don’t suppose comes as a shock.

  4. Black Bellamy

    I’m cynical enough to think that there is a chance that poster was put out by supporters of Mr Shi and Ms Patel. Cricket fields! is the clue. That’s your pain point? That those immigrunts are taking over our parks and making their hideous cricket fields? Nah dog. Or rather nah, dog, because I don’t want to ambiguously be asking for a negative canine instead of expressing my disbelief. There are a dozen other things a real racist would find more important to include than cricket.

    1. B. McLeod

      The cricket angle is diabolically clever, because it combines with the invocation of racism an equal invocation of Anglophobia. the overall message is, “Get rid of these colonial puppets, or their damnable British masters will foist their insipid field games upon us.” Most probably, the product of Russian drones, cleverly sowing discord.

      1. Eliot J CLingman

        George Washington, the ponytailed slave owner formerly known as “Father of our Country”, played cricket.

  5. Jake

    How exciting! The kids that never left my hometown are presently in a pitched Facebook battle about the politics behind a decision made by the local CVS to bring their parking lot up to code by repainting the stripes.

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