Short Take: Andrea Ramsey Meets The Wheels Of The Bus

It’s all because of “toxic masculinity”? Tell that to Kansas Democrat Andrea Ramsey.

Democrat Andrea Ramsey dropped out of the race to take on Kansas GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder, after sexual harassment allegations surfaced against her — and, she claimed, national Democrats abandoned her campaign.

Ramsey announced she was pulling out of the race Friday, in a lengthy statement denying that she engaged in any harassment or retaliation against a former colleague.

Wait, what? A woman? A Democrat? Sexual harassment? That’s not supposed to happen. And yet, it did.

The case stems from Ramsey’s time as vice president of human resources at the company LabOne, according to the Kansas City Star. She allegedly made sexual advances towards a subordinate and retaliated against him when he rebuffed them.

The man was eventually fired. He sued the company and included the accusations against Ramsey in the case, which was eventually dismissed. Ramsey was not party to the lawsuit, so she was not involved in resolving the case.

It’s not that the story is unfamiliar. Claims of sexual harassment and retaliation are banal, and as the mantra goes, “believe the victim.” So, despite the fact that Ramsey wasn’t a party to the suit, never had the opportunity to challenge the claims, she gets saddled with the taint nonetheless.

“Had the false allegations been brought against me directly, I would have fought to exonerate my name and my reputation,” Ramsey said. “I would have sued the disgruntled, vindictive employee for defamation.”

Accusers tell the truth. Accusers lie. Accusers are right, wrong, mistaken, malevolent. Which is why we build courtrooms, but when you aren’t allowed the opportunity to face the witness, you have no opportunity to test the accusations against you.

But why didn’t Ramsey persist despite these accusations, fight in the political trenches to vindicate herself? Because her own party threw her under the bus.

Ramsey, an attorney, said she was being denied due process to combat the allegations, and that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had said it would not support her campaign.

“The DCCC, as gatekeeper of endorsements and campaign funding, has made its choice, once again putting its thumb on the scales by not allowing the democratic primary process to proceed,” Ramsey said.

It’s not that Ramsey wouldn’t make a brilliant member of Congress for the Democrats. She was a leading fundraiser, endorsed by E.M.I.L.Y’s list, an attorney and a woman. As a judge previously pointed out to me when he noted that only four women served as appellate judges in Kansas, it wasn’t the most enlightened state when it came to putting women in positions of power.

So no, it wasn’t about Ramsey at all. It’s that the party wasn’t up for the fight, which might expose it to charges of hypocrisy when it slung equally untested allegations against its opponents. Ramsey may well have been completely innocent of all accusations, above reproach in her personal conduct, as well as a great candidate for Congress. But she’ll never get the chance.

Andrea Ramsey denied allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation. Andrea Ramsey was denied the opportunity to defend her honor from the allegations. This is why due process matters, and why it matters for everyone. She deserved better than to be thrown under the bus. Everyone deserves better than that.

17 thoughts on “Short Take: Andrea Ramsey Meets The Wheels Of The Bus

  1. Robert

    I also hope some uniform system of public due process for all accuseds will eventually emerge.

    But if the true aim of those who advocate the narrative is to fashion a tool for dismantling the Patriarchy, then uncommon cases like Ramsey’s will have to be distinguished from the mine run. I wonder how many hot takes will conclude that a male accuser is not entitled to the same sterling credibility afforded a female.

    1. SHG Post author

      The problem with unprincipled positions is that they’re unprincipled. Eventually, they will escape the monster for which they’re intended and end up devouring the unintended as well. Will people cop to the hypocrisy or let everyone get thrown under the bus rather than admit they were unprincipled in the first place?

  2. Richard Kopf


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    A song for the ages. All the best.


    1. Wrongway

      Hiya Judge,
      Best be careful singing to those Grandkids..
      could be a copy right infringement there..

      Either Gene Simmons bought the rights to that song.. or the copyright was bought for a porno flick..
      either way, it involved tongues..

    2. B. McLeod

      “Oh, ye cannae
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  3. Richard Kopf

    Patrick and Wrongway,

    Weird Al and Gene Simmons?

    If you aren’t careful, Nebraska is likely to put each of you on the Registry.

    All the best.


  4. B. McLeod

    I think one of the contributing factors here is that this whole condemning-people-for-old-allegations thing is the new, Great Democratic Hope for “getting Trump.” After the recount efforts, and after the crackpot attempt to get electors to defect, this is what they’ve come to. And for it to work, these bare allegations, typically neither proven nor provable, have to constitute an offense so bad, there just can’t be any defense to it.

    That’s why all the accused have to go, if they didn’t, it would undermine the effort to fan up the hysteria. Periodically, the media will repackage new presentations of the Trump accusers, to see if the hysteria has reached a point where the accusations work. Personally, I don’t think it ever will.

    Unfortunately for Ms. Ramsey (who has amply articulated the absence of fairness and due process inherent in The Terror) some number of eggs are going to be smashed in the attempt to make this grand omelette. She can at least rest easy knowing that she has taken one for the team. After all, sacrifices must be made. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, etc.

      1. B. McLeod

        Well, that is true in several different ways. She isn’t male, and she isn’t an incumbent, and there isn’t any photographic support for the allegations against her.

    1. Robert

      Trump seems more and more like the grand prize (the target all along?) of The Unprincipled Terror. Look no further than Sen. Gillibrand’s pointed Twitter grandstanding of December 11 and 12.

      1. B. McLeod

        Yes. I saw that. Of course, in her day (i.e., when she could gain by it) she was as much a Cronian and Rapey Bill enabler as was Weinstein. She ran with the rabbits, now hunts with the hounds, and so, is both hypocrite and crackpot extraordinaire.

  5. pav

    Maybe I could buy that it was a strategic decision to not sue for defamation, given that she had not been personally sued. Perhaps a defamation suit against a disgruntled former employee would have been economically untenable and simply not worth the effort… before #metoo. But she implies in the letter that she could not clear her name with a defamation suit because she wasn’t sued directly. This excuse doesn’t hold water.

      1. pav

        Yes, regardless of whether the allegedly defamed person is a party or not. (Unless Kansas is different, of course).

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