Make No Law: Ken White @Popehat

It’s live, the first episode of Make No Law. Lend Ken your ear and learn about the First Amendment. The first podcast is on Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, the “fighting words” exception that has confused so many and caused so much harm of late. What does it really say? What does it mean today?

And because he knows lots of stuff, Episode Two is already live as well.

Learn at the knee of the master. I will.

10 thoughts on “Make No Law: Ken White @Popehat

  1. Fubar

    I must end this first line with Tinker,
    For reasons quite clear to a thinker.
    My kudos for both.
    But to follow my oath
    For rhyming, Chaplinsky’s a stinker!

    1. Patrick Maupin

      Rhyming is sometimes difficult, it’s true.
      But, Fubar — that’s what you do!
      Chaplinsky concerns public address;
      Lewinsky, a pubic blue dress.
      Though this one you missed, you’re still my guru.

      1. David Meyer-Lindenberg

        Dear Patrick,

        Your comments delight me. Your poetry, though, it affrights me! With candor, no stalling, the meter’s appalling. And as for the rhymes, they incite me. It’s fortunate, then, that the notion of “fighting words” is in remotion. If it were still current, you’d pay. Though it weren’t, I’d hate you still.

        Yours in devotion.

        1. Patrick Maupin

          That’s quite an interesting sermon,
          though exactly how you determine
          your own standards for poetry
          is completely beyond me;
          it must have been better in the original German.

        2. Fubar

          Dear David,

          Disguise duly noted. Transmogrification you’ve floated. I’ll try it some day. But for now, I’ll just say, “Consider your missive up-voted!”


            1. Patrick Maupin

              As a statement, this may be true.
              But original? Not with you.
              Language puns are stock in trade.
              This one, many times was made;
              As prose or poem, it’s nothing new.

  2. Jake

    Great podcasts. No doubt Popehat would have the intellectual chops, but the production quality was also top notch.

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