Short take: Seriousness And The Kitchen Sink

My windy pal, Mark Draughn, parsed the “New Green Disaster” put forth by the AOC Committee in the newly woke House of Representatives. After running through some of the wish-list of irreconciliable, unrelated and impossible aspirations, he comes to an important point.

I don’t actually believe global warming is a myth. But after reading the Green New Deal, I find it easier to be sympathetic with people who believe it is, because it must seem awful convenient to them that the biggest proposal to fight global warming…is a giant wish-list of progressive policies.

And I find myself wondering…does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believe in global warming? She seems quite happy to use it as an excuse for everything in the Green New Deal, but if she really believed global warming was a disaster, wouldn’t she have proposed a better solution?

On the climate change side of the equation, the United States certainly has things it can do to significantly help to save the environment. But it can’t save the environment, because we’re not China. We’re not Russia. We’re not India. Some may believe passionately in a global community, but China doesn’t care what you believe, stupid Yanqui.

For all its flirtations with the environment, perhaps this proposal reflects the tacit recognition that it’s an emotional hook to enable a laundry list of dream outcomes bearing no connection to climate change at all. Perhaps the reason for throwing in the kitchen sink is because, as Mark ponders, they know the US isn’t the problem and can’t be the cure, given that the rest of the world isn’t interested in sacrificing its status to progressive causes.

If progressives cared about climate change, why burden the Green New Deal with their other aspirational causes, dooming it to failure? It would be great if everyone could ride a unicorn, but somebody has to sweep up the unicorn poop, unpleasant as that may be.

So is climate change merely the new hook upon which a new world order will be born?

In 2010, Naomi Klein published The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, in which she argued that the evil advocates of free-market capitalism have been taking advantage of national disasters in places like Latin America and Eastern Europe to spread their ideology. She called this “disaster capitalism.”

I bring that up because the Green New Deal is basically disaster socialism: The authors are using the climate crisis to stir people to action, to justify a massive government response, but then they are cramming a crapload of unrelated policies and social programs into their proposed response.

This is, by their own standards, reprehensible.

Like Mark, I don’t doubt that humans have done terrible harm to the environment. That’s not to say that we’ve got 12 years before life on earth ends, but that we have been careless stewards of this planet. The problem is that undoing our damage will require great sacrifice rather than the inane non sequitur of making free health care, universal unionization, free college and a corner office for everyone. Making a laundry list doesn’t mean it makes any sense at all.

But even if we suck it up, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world is willing to take the hit. Go ahead, call the Chinese and Russians bad names, because Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin certainly care deeply about being liked by American social justice warriors.

We cared about murdering small critters for luxury coats, but now we learn that black women get to wear real fur because they were oppressed before and couldn’t enjoy it when white women did. China makes a similar argument, that we enjoyed an industrial revolution and now it’s their turn. We got ours. Isn’t it their turn?

If Mark is right, then this isn’t really about climate change at all, but about using the fear of climate change to drive a tangential agenda forward if the useful idiots don’t start adding the number and come to the epiphany that “free”* medical care has nothing to do with global warming. But then, what would happen with this agenda if the AOC wing had the capacity to make it a reality? Or would it not matter because human life on earth will vanish in twelve years anyway?


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    1. B. McLeod

      Plus, it magically disappears, because “Progressives” are like the children in the SquattyPotty video!.

  1. Jay

    Necessity is the mother of invention, and the USA is her midwife. I’m just saying there’s good reason to think that if we force ourselves to think green we can find ways to do it that China and Russia won’t find objectionable. Not that aoc has a good way to get us to do it, but she’s not the first to think this country can be a beacon on a hill, right?

    1. j a higginbotham

      China, according to some scientists, seems to be taking climate change more seriously than the US. So it may not be us calling them bad names or getting them to follow us. Nothing to do with aoc, but it seems an implicit assumption among many that the US is the greatest.

  2. RedditLaw

    This may be apocryphal, but I have read on the Intertubes that the Chinese have developed a mocking name for American and European SJW’s who have all of the solutions for the world’s problems–baizuo, which means “white left”. The Green New Deal is the ne plus ultra of baizuo thought, so I expect two reactions to the Green New Deal outside of the United States.

    First, a humorous one along the lines of, “You cannot believe what those crazy Americans are thinking about doing now.” Second, facetious praise and encouragement from those who actually dislike America because the Green New Deal will certainly weaken America.

    Ironically, I think that the person most in favor of AOC’s activism is Nancy Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi gets to laugh herself silly from watching AOC flounder and beclown herself, attempting remake society as a freshman Congresswoman from Brooklyn. Also, AOC makes Pelosi look like the tribune of reasonableness in comparison to AOC.

        1. Blackbeard

          AOC will easily win any primary in her district. In NYC you usually get only 15 to 20% turnout in a primary and those who do vote are heavily weighted towards activists. Those activists love AOC and think more traditional Democrats, such as Schumer, Cuomo or Pelosi, are sellouts.

          1. SHG Post author

            After her primary victory, it became clear that she had zealous support from the hipster contingent and remained an unknown otherwise. But nobody votes in primaries except the faithful, and nobody seriously thought she could oust Joe Crowley, so not even the party faithful bothered to show.

            I wonder if her higher profile the next time around will change the dynamic.

  3. The Real Kurt

    The Chinese are known to be planning solar power satellites, to beam (most likely) microwaves to Earth for electricity generation. (I’ve left out the link, but there’s a recent story on it out on the interwebs).

    That’s something US technologists thought of decades ago, and nobody followed up on it.

    Who’re the progressive, carbon-free thinkers now? Will AOC and comrades start pounding the bricks to raise support for this?

    I’ll give reader a hint – it wouldn’t further the authoritarian program.


    1. SHG Post author

      If only we could put solar panels, lots of them, miles of them, on something in some place south that had tons of sunshine. Like, oh, a dumb otherwise wasteful wall.

      1. The Real Kurt

        Those miles of panels fade into uselessness at night – the satellites don’t.

        The wall, however, would indeed be useless. Worse than that, the wall will require many cases of eminent domain.

      2. Brian Cowles

        No, unfortunately solar panels on the wall would make things worse. Tue problem is power distribution – the miles and miles of power lines that would have to be laid in order to use those solar panels would cost more than the lifetime profits the solar panels would bring in.

  4. ShootingHipster

    This Green New Deal was drafted by some of the great minds who just saved New York taxpayers from giving away three billion dollars of real money to evil Amazon. I’ll get behind anything they put forward.

  5. Casual Lurker

    I wouldn’t worry about AOC. She’s well on her way to being “absorbed” into the House body: She’s put her brother on staff. Nepotism is the one of the first indicators that she won’t remain “unmutual” much longer.

    The Prisoner – Episode #12, “A Change Of Mind” (First aired Dec. 15, 1967)

    “After a brawl, Number Six is declared ‘unmutual’ and is made to think that he has undergone ‘instant social treatment’.”

    For those who haven’t seen it, as it’s 48 minutes long.

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