Into The Valley of Death Rode The 300,000 (and counting)

The video isn’t new, but from October, 2018. It was reposted in light of the string of new laws placing extreme limits on abortion, essentially making abortion impossible, the purpose of which is to either get a law before the Supreme Court to provide a vehicle to revisit Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, or to energize pro-choice voters and make clear why they must resist candidates, local or national, who want to eliminate the right to an abortion.

Its reposting wasn’t done with great fanfare. It wasn’t done by a renowned celebrity with millions of followers. It was done by a woman who felt very strongly about the issue.

But note, as of this writing, that the twit has well over 300,000 “likes.”

The man in the video later asserted that he wasn’t trying to kick the woman, but to kick the cellphone with which she was recording the encounter. Apparently, his aim wasn’t all that good. But does this change things? It doesn’t change what, in fact, happened: that this man, who Yacenia called “this king,” kicked the woman. His purpose, if true, to kick her cellphone, doesn’t do much to justify his actions.

And 300,000 plus liked it.

No doubt abortion is an exceptionally passionate and volatile issue, the sort that works people on both sides into a lather. As the sides push their position to extremes, they dare people to question their rights. Should there be abortion on demand up to, possibly even after, the moment of birth? Should there be no right to “murder” a person in utero upon the first beat of a heart? Was the answer to such questions best left to judges to decide?

These positions may be impossible to reconcile, and those holding these positions may be unwilling to tolerate disagreement, but why does that make it acceptable for a pro-abortion guy to kick an anti-abortion woman? Even if their sexes were reversed, why would that be acceptable?

Except this isn’t about acceptability, but applause. That’s where the 300,000 come in. They didn’t merely find it understandable, given the extreme heat generated by these issue. They liked “this king.” They liked violence against another person based upon her holding a different position that they found unacceptable.

The easy answer is tu quoque, “but what about the alt-right, the Proud Boys, the Naxos,” who are far more violent than one guy who kicked a woman. The obvious reason is that two wrongs don’t make a right, and the fact that they are horrible doesn’t justify what happened here. For those incapable of processing wrongfulness by their own, they will keep pushing, raising examples of terrible things done, like the killing of Heather Heyer, and many others.

These things happened, but they do not justify the kick. And the other tribe will respond with punch a Nazi, etc., as it spirals into pointlessness, as it neither justifies the right nor the left.

But there’s a reason why these 300,000 “likes” matter. The Naxos don’t wrap themselves in the mantle of righteousness. They make no claim to social justice or morality. They are brutes. They openly embrace violence. Yet the progressive left contend that they stand for tolerance, peace, love, empathy. With a kick if you disagree.

In fairness, the 300,000 plus “likes” hardly represents a significant portion of America, even though it’s a fairly large number. It’s unfair to taint all pro-choice supporters with the action of either this one guy, or his 300,000 likers.

But then, what are the people who support the right to an abortion as a matter of sound policy, recognizing that it’s a deeply divisive and problematic issue, but not as a matter of absolute right, of female bodily autonomy, without restriction of any sort? Some approve of first trimester abortion, but not second or third. Some approve of later term abortions with conditions, rape, incest and the health of the mother. In the heat of battle, where any restriction is seen as the slippery slope of further limitation, and hence is intolerable, do they risk castigation for not embracing the most extreme pro-choice view?

No one wants to be kicked, or attacked by 300,000 plus deeply passionate people. They can’t, and won’t, side with the brutes, but they don’t side with the most extreme pro-choice voices either. The female autonomy argument, that a woman has an absolute right to decide what to do with her body, including the zygote gestating within (but, for many who passionately believe in the right to abortion, not to sell it for sex), is nothing more than a chosen side that ignores the other side. Like almost all social justice arguments, it’s only persuasive to those who already believe, and remarkably unpersuasive to anyone who doesn’t.

The alternative argument, that human life begins at the moment of conception, is similarly unconvincing to non-believers. But the argument that human life exists at viability, the point at which a fetus can survive outside the womb, has some rational merit, if lines must be drawn. And we should be able to argue around the edges, except for the kick. And the “likes.” And the concern that many (most?) people live within a sandwich of people who have little concern about engaging in violence against any disagreeable ideas.

The 300,000 plus can take no comfort in the awfulness of their polar counterparts. The alt-right may be awful, but they don’t pretend to be otherwise. They are proudly brutes serving their own self-interest at the expense of others. The SJWs, on the other hand, are no less inclined toward violence, but believe their flavor tastes better because they claim to do so in the name of righteousness, and only a deplorable person would dispute their claim.

There are now 300,000 who would “like” it if that bad person was kicked. It’s not enough to win an election, but it’s more than enough to inform others that they are no more tolerant than their alternative. It’s more than enough to inform those who don’t want to harm anyone that you are not the sort of people we can support. We will not ride into the Valley of Death alongside you, no matter what.

20 thoughts on “Into The Valley of Death Rode The 300,000 (and counting)

  1. Keith

    For might makes right,
    And till they’ve seen the light,
    They’ve got to be protected,
    All their rights respected,
    Till somebody we like can be elected.
    Members of the [SJW] corps
    All hate the thought of war;
    They’d rather kill them off by peaceful means.
    Stop calling it aggression,
    Ooh, we hate that expression!
    We only want the world to know
    That we support the status quo.
    They love us everywhere we go,
    So when in doubt,
    Send the [SJW] Marines!

    1. SHG Post author

      And there’s ten stuffed heads in my trophy room right now
      Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a pure-bred Guernsey cow

  2. Richard Kopf


    If one lives long enough the ironic will repeat itself over and over, sometimes in song. So, brothers and sisters, I say sing it with the certainty of your mindless youth: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

    All the best.


  3. B. McLeod

    “Yet the progressive left contend that they stand for tolerance, peace, love, empathy. With a kick if you disagree.”

    Indeed, and they don’t seem to get how this detracts from their credibility.

    1. SHG Post author

      What’s worse, an evil person who admits to being evil or a “decent” person who lies and denies their evil nature?

      1. Noxx

        Neither, as it hardly matters to the victim. People are terrible, there’s nothing for it. Abi gezint

  4. Hunting Guy

    I’m waiting.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    At some point someone will be explaining to the police, “I was in fear of my life when I shot them.”

  5. Onlymom

    Leaving the whole anti-abortion -pro abortion question alone. What i saw was an attack on a woman in public. The video i would live to see would have been taken by a 3rd party taking up after the attack where the woman immediately withdrew a small pistol and [Ed. Note: Deleted. MOM.]

    1. Guitardave

      Nice non-edit edit there, Admiral.
      Around here, OM’s ‘instant karma’ fantasy has a high chance of not being a fantasy…except the small pistol would be pink-camo…our country girls got style, baby!

      I had the thought, as i watched the vid, that just a little bit of Judo training would go a long way…he so telegraphed his kick, it would have been quite easy ( even for someone smaller than the stick-figure wuss-boy ) to step back, grab the foot and keep it moving upwards…the back of his head cracking on the pavement would’ve been……most appropriate, IMHO.

      1. SHG Post author

        It would have been so very easy, but not everybody has the processing and reaction time to turn it around on a really piss-poor kicker.

  6. Pedantic Grammar Police

    It’s sad to see so many people so passionate about a fake issue. The abortion issue is purely a media-driven distraction from the real issues that face us. As our system descends into corporatocracy and 50% of us are hooked on pills, our rulers explain that we must be very very upset about the possibility that people in flyover country might not be able to kill their babies easily enough. Or, if you live in the middle, the most important thing for you to think about is that the liberals are coming to kill your babies. Almost everyone buys into this nonsense.

    The reality is that everything is as it should be. The people on the east and west coasts want to kill lots of fetuses, and they do, by the boatload. The people in the center don’t want to, and they don’t. The media hunts relentlessly for examples on both sides that they can use to inflame the other side. Is there a poor woman in Alabama who desperately wants an abortion and can’t have one? It’s national news! Likewise the small number of assholes in California and New York who want to ram abortion down the throats of Alabamans via federal court rulings. Without the media fanning these flames, nobody would care.

    This is part of the reason why a reality TV star is our figurehead-president. He was smart enough to use this stupid issue, among others, to get a lot of idiots (and even some intelligent but misguided people) to vote for him.

    1. SHG Post author

      I occasionally find someone going down a completely unanticipated rabbit hole. It’s an amazing thing.

      1. Pedantic Grammar Police

        It’s true that I have a pet peeve for fake political issues, but this is the answer to your question.

        “why would that be acceptable?”

        It’s acceptable to 300K people because the media told them that anyone who disagrees with them is evil and must be destroyed. This is only one of many fake issues that the media uses to distract and divide us.

        It’s well-known that most people can be convinced to do anything by an authority figure (Milgram, Stanford prison experiment, etc.). The media is a powerful authority figure telling us that we must hate and abuse those who disagree with our media-implanted opinions.

  7. Julia

    “The female autonomy argument, that a woman has an absolute right to decide what to do with her body…”

    is dishonest. With all this “autonomy”, nobody advocates that attempted suicides should be allowed to proceed. But it was her decision to die!

  8. Jake

    Of all the stories about hypocrisy you could have told, this one is the most hypocritical.

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