Guitardave: Reconstructed Man

SJ has been graced by the favors of Guitardave, and the very least I can do in return is thank him for his kind infusion of culture into this machine and provide a modest platform for the world premier of his latest song.

More than that, so much of what ends up on the screen here deals with the damage we do to ourselves and others, the destruction we wreak and suffer, leaving all of us damaged in its wake. This puts us to the test of whether we take the hit and give up, or pull ourselves together, stand up despite knowing that we’re likely to get hit again and do our best to survive. We may have been flawed before, and may be wrong to think we’re going to do any better next time, but we will not quit.

From Guitardave, Reconstructed Man.

I want you to understand, why I am a ‘hard’ man
You see I’ve been thru the wasteland, of broken hearts and broken minds.
Walkin’ hand and hand with destiny, on the edge of insanity,
When you realize you’re never free, and your running out of time.

Yeah i learned a real good lesson, about the art of self-deception
And the answers to some questions, that i never shoulda’ spoke.
You see it took a while to realize, ’til I finally opened up my eyes,
I saw that life’s a lonely enterprise, and loves a dirty little joke.

Been down so many paths that had no heart
Roads to nowhere, that just fell apart.
But i picked up the pieces and put em’ back together into what you see,
I built a re-constructed man that looks like me.

So you don’t need to tell me who or why, i see the leavin’ yeah its in your eyes,
Please excuse me babe if i don’t cry, i been down this road before.
I think by now it should be plain to see, I’ve no use for your false sympathies,
It’s alright, just go on and leave, cause it don’t matter anymore.

Been down so many paths that had no heart
Roads to nowhere, that just fell apart.
But i picked up the pieces and put em’ back together, DON’T tell me what you see,
I built a re-constructed man, they didn’t give me any plans,
I built a re-constructed man that looks like me.

32 thoughts on “Guitardave: Reconstructed Man

  1. Bear

    I’m following Guitar Dave on YouTube. He’s posted a couple songs recently that are helping me reconstruct. Thanks, Dave

    1. SHG Post author

      GD’s Youtube channel is excellent, and his other songs are terrific. I hope everyone here will take a listen and spread the gospel of Guitar Dave.

      1. B. McLeod

        Yeah, not bad. It would be challenging to depict in a Peeps Diorama.

        Reminds me (by contrast) of the old song that ends, “But I don’t ask no pardon, for what I was and am, I won’t be reconstructed, and I don’t care a damn.”

  2. Howl

    Many times I see some clever invention and think, “I wish I thought of that.”
    And many times I’ve heard a song and thought, “Damn, I wish I could’ve written that.”
    This is one of those times. That is one well-crafted song. Thanks, Dave.

    1. Guitardave

      I’m sure you’ve heard other song writers say this…but it was one of those that all came to me at once…words+music at the same time.. I’ve learned to get scribblin’ quick, while its there.
      …cause ya’ know, The Muse is not amused when you don’t pick-up the phone…
      and thank you H.

  3. Guitardave

    Thank you Scott…and Bear and all. (That paragraph explains the song better than the song does.)
    PS Computer is s l o w…e-mail won’t load…of course 🙁

    1. Ray Lee

      I know SHG doesn’t like public tummy rubs but that’s some good music right there. I’m not musically inclined and barely get beyond “yacky yak, don’t talk back” but even I get (at least part of) this.

  4. Richard Kopf


    Perhaps you could do a “cross” of GD. A fellow with his obvious talent and intellect would likely teach those (like me) who cannot hold a tune or write (let alone remember) a lyric something worth learning.

    All the best to you, and the mysterious minstrel too.


    1. SHG Post author

      That’s a marvelous idea, Judge, though you would do a far better job of it. Next Wednesday would be perfect.

      1. Richard Kopf


        If GD is willing, I am up to it so long as you didn’t mean this Wednesday. But I don’t want to push GD. Anyway, if he is willing, perhaps GD can contact me at my e-mail address. For purposes such as this, it is [email protected]

        All the best.


      2. Guitardave

        Alright…lets slow this chariot down, Spartacus.
        When the Judge mentioned ‘mysterious minstrel’ I immediately thought of the recently departed Master of Mystery and Music,Leon Redbone, RIP. I saw him once in a small wooden camp meeting style playhouse…it was efin amazing. Taking a tip from Leon, I think at present I’ll play the mystery card a little longer. (like Bear said)
        Realistically, I’m still not at a point where i can think that sharing some of the dumb-ass ways I’ve shot myself in the foot would do anybody else any good…it’s pathetic, and we’ve heard it all before…and do we really need another ‘musician with an opinion’? I think not. Better to tell ya about it in song.
        ( its not letting me reply where i wanted,,)

          1. Guitardave

            It’s not impossible…its just that the ‘reconstruction’ is still being re-done with weld and Grade 8 stainless hardware, instead of the bubble gum and baler twine I’ve been using…

            1. The Real Kurt

              As long as it isn’t Bondo, duct tape and baling wire, you’re probably ahead of the game.


              P.S. I saw Leon Redbone in Ballard many years ago, in a venue that no longer exists, and was well and truly struck. He was a wonder.

        1. LocoYokel

          Just remember, anything you tell a judge can be used against you. Always plead the 5th and go through a lawyer.

    1. Guitardave

      Jake, man…we definitely got that in common….getting back up after taking a good shot…and many times, like yourself, I got up, doubled-down, and Wham..back on the floor. I’ve found it much easier just to de-construct your own thought…just say, What Would Scott Say …and your hand will magically back away from the “post” button, you helped me learn that….and thank you for the kind words, Jake. ( and Wilbur and TIS..and all)

  5. F. Lee Billy

    My problem is, the staircase ain’t code, and I can’t see if he’s really playing that damn 🎸. Other than that, he is awesome. James Taylor and Carly What’s-her-face, move over. After all these months, we had no clue!

    Yea, that was simpley great. Now, if only we could convince Scott to pick up the guitar and drop the PC keyboard. Southside Scotty and the Greenfield Defenders. Ha, you herd it hear first.

    1. Guitardave

      If someone else was playing it, there wouldn’t be so many mistakes.
      Thank you, Bill.

      1. SHG Post author

        That may the first Bill comment that was not only modestly comprehensible, but just plain nice. I wonder if you broke Bill?

  6. Jeffrey

    Hmm, never expected our ol’ crusty SHG to turn his blog place into an arts appreciation venue…but I will say, I really like this song…a lot! Very well crafted and a super treat. Thanks for throwing your craftwork into the world for us, Guitardave!

    Oh, and I suppose a thanks to SHG as well, for making the introduction 🙂

    1. Guitardave

      Thanks, Jeffery. ….and yeah, thank Scott too…he, and a couple others at this here hotel, showed me a lot about how to deconstruct lame excuses, which is great fun when your pointing them out to others….just don’t start thinking about why YOU ain’t doing something you “always wanted to do…but..”….you just might get off your ass and do the best with what you got… ( It beats the hell outa sitting on the fence and bitching about splinters)

  7. B. McLeod

    Sometime before we’re all too old to stand up long enough to play through a set, we ought to put on a concert somewhere, as “The Admiral and the Shitlords.”

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