19 thoughts on “Ginger Baker

    1. SHG Post author

      Imagine how much better your comment would have been had you bothered to note that Mario already did “Beware of Mr. Baker.”

      1. Casual Lurker

        When I was composing my comment, Mario’s had yet to appear.

        I did, in fact, check to see if anyone had thought to post it. Stercus accidit.

        1. SHG Post author

          Given that Mario’s was posted more than 20 minutes earlier, you may need to upgrade from that 1200 baud modem.

  1. Guitardave

    First I heard about it. Another icon gone. RIP G.B.
    We used to do this one in a band i was in…we all picked songs for the set lists… this was one of our drummers picks.

  2. Howl

    Music few folks have heard and appreciated . . . Ginger Baker and Tony Allen drum duet at 45:18 . . .

  3. John Barleycorn

    Couldn’t be a better time to dust off your drum set and let it rip. Might even be good for your composition-but-no-posty-blues-bullshit too.

    Put a wood stove in your outbuilding and build a baby stage next to that baby tractor of yours and get-it-on this winter. You ain’t getting any younger!

    P.S. You can buy a lift for that “MG” ( ; ) of yours and put it above the stage for the winter….Might be good to have a look at the undercarriage yourself anyways.

      1. Grum

        Glad you liked it. Worth remembering that people who are flawed (and Graham Bond, and Ginger definitely were) as people can nonetheless produce art. Dick Heckstall-Smith’s book, “Blowing the Blues” is on Amazon, and well worth a read. His take on why musicians got addicted to heroin is something that made me think (for a change).

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