Oscar Open Thread: Are We Saved?

I admit it. I watched the opening out of curiosity about how they would handle the absence of a host, there being no one pure enough, correct enough, to get the gig. Minor wardrobe malfunction aside, it was auspicious.

On the red carpet, stars did what they could to express themselves.

This is remarkable, as very few young women raised in Syosset, Long Island, are capable of embroidery. And nothing says oppression better than Dior. “Stunning and brave.”

If the movies are a reflection of society, and the Oscars a litmus test for the movies, what’s your takeaway? Will there be another Ford vs. Ferrari, or will it be Yugo vs. Nova? Will 1917 be eliminated from the history books in favor of 1619? Will Little Women be, well, just be?

Can there be any room left at the pink Wakanda Motor Inn for everyone, or has it been paved over for a parking lot with a boutique and swinging hot spot?

9 thoughts on “Oscar Open Thread: Are We Saved?

  1. CLS

    Just looked at a synopsis of the acceptance speeches.

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m grateful Dr. S. chose yesterday to binge-watch “Sister Wives.”

  2. Howl

    Hell if I know. I’ve been told that I am so out of touch, so tragically unhip, that any utterances from me would be an assault upon the senses.

      1. Howl

        Paul needs to update that song, bring it into the 21st century.
        A modest suggestion:

        I’ve been pushed and I’ve been Bushed
        Dalai Lama’d and Obama’d
        I’ve been pilloried and Hillary’d
        Been pumped, dumped, and Trumped

        Eh, on second thought (was there a first?), never mind.

  3. Jake

    I must admit, I did not watch, though I am a big fan of the talkies. Since cutting the cord, there are a few things that are difficult to watch. That was a lovely performance you shared.

    1. SHG Post author

      I found the Mr. Rogers piece to be underwhelming, though the rest was quite the spectacular. But would you have enjoyed it any less had she not articulated her identity?

  4. CLS

    I will add after seeing it Eminem’s performance of “Lose Yourself” was great from both the performance aspect and the confused reactions of the audience members wondering why the white cis heteronormative shitlord was allowed to culturally appropriate urban music during their show.

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