Short Take: Not All Cops

Sheriff Christopher Swanson of Genesee County, Michigan, took off his riot helmet, put his baton on the ground, and walked with protesters.

Elsewhere, cops similarly recognized that they could be the problem or the solution.

In Camden, N.J., a police chief carried a banner and led a peaceful march. In Schenectady, N.Y., police officers marched with protesters through the city’s downtown area. And in Santa Cruz, Calif., police officers knelt with hundreds of protesters to honor Mr. Floyd and bring attention to police violence against black people.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo condemned the killing of George Floyd.

The chief, Art Acevedo, has marched with demonstrators and has called for charges to be filed against the four officers in Minneapolis who were involved in taking Mr. Floyd into custody.

Chief Acevedo took off his mask at one point on Sunday during a Pull Up and Praise event, an outdoor religious service where people worship from their cars. He pumped his arm as those assembled in their vehicles honked their horns in support.

Even in New York, where reaction was often harsh to the point of brutal, there were pockets of understanding.

It’s not hopeless. It’s just not easy or simple, but there is hope.

4 thoughts on “Short Take: Not All Cops

  1. Paul L.

    Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is still a dishonest hack.
    He is still covering up the Tuttle shooting.
    He said Recording police is not protected by the 1st amendment when they are “engaged in routine non enforcement activity”. Turner v. Austin Police Department

    1. Lee

      And despite Chief Acevedo’s gesture, the protests in Houston later turned violent and lawless.

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