Short Take: He Taught Her A Lesson

It was a 3-second Snapchat video made by a 15-year-old freshman who was excited to get her learner’s permit and sent privately to a friend. It would end up a catastrophe for Mimi Groves, but not by chance.

Ms. Groves had originally sent the video, in which she looked into the camera and said, “I can drive,” followed by the slur, to a friend on Snapchat in 2016, when she was a freshman and had just gotten her learner’s permit. It later circulated among some students at Heritage High School, which she and Mr. Galligan attended, but did not cause much of a stir.

Galligan was offended when he saw it. It wasn’t directed toward him, but it somehow wound its way around the school and ultimately onto his phone.

The slur, he said, was regularly hurled in classrooms and hallways throughout his years in the Loudoun County school district. He had brought the issue up to teachers and administrators but, much to his anger and frustration, his complaints had gone nowhere.

Was this Groves’ fault? No matter.

So he held on to the video, which was sent to him by a friend, and made a decision that would ricochet across Leesburg, Va., a town named for an ancestor of the Confederate general Robert E. Lee and whose school system had fought an order to desegregate for more than a decade after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling.

Did Groves name the town? Did Groves lead the fight against the order to desegregate? No matter.

“I wanted to get her where she would understand the severity of that word,” Mr. Galligan, 18, whose mother is Black and father is white, said of the classmate who uttered the slur, Mimi Groves. He tucked the video away, deciding to post it publicly when the time was right.

And he did.

Mr. Galligan, who had waited until Ms. Groves had chosen a college, had publicly posted the video that afternoon. Within hours, it had been shared to Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter, where furious calls mounted for the University of Tennessee to revoke its admission offer.

The consequences were swift. Over the next two days, Ms. Groves was removed from the university’s cheer team. She then withdrew from the school under pressure from admissions officials, who told her they had received hundreds of emails and phone calls from outraged alumni, students and the public.

Her acceptances at other colleges were rescinded. She was excoriated across social media. She was threatened with physical violence. Was that the lesson she needed to be taught?

Ms. Groves said the video began as a private Snapchat message to a friend. “At the time, I didn’t understand the severity of the word, or the history and context behind it because I was so young,” she said in a recent interview, adding that the slur was in “all the songs we listened to, and I’m not using that as an excuse.”

As for Galligan, who saved this Snapchat to be used at just the right time to teach Groves a lesson, and who is now going to college in California having made sure Groves won’t be going to Tennessee, he’s pretty happy with himself.

For his role, Mr. Galligan said he had no regrets. “If I never posted that video, nothing would have ever happened,” he said. And because the internet never forgets, the clip will always be available to watch.

“I’m going to remind myself, you started something,” he said with satisfaction. “You taught someone a lesson.”

But before anyone thinks too poorly of Galligan for being a bit too smug about his viciousness, bear in mind that the New York Times told this story approvingly, just as sanguine about the hard lesson Groves needed to be taught, even if it meant destroying her future.

104 thoughts on “Short Take: He Taught Her A Lesson

  1. Oskar

    What a self-congratulating asshole. Even if he was right, does herr Galligan have no sense of proportionality?

    1. SHG Post author

      I suspect he, too, is a product of these times of excess and obsession, and he’s still a child just as she was then and now. But that neither the University of Tennessee nor the New York Times could muster the maturity or empathy to not add to the fiasco is what shocks me.

      1. JESUS

        Seriously, a senior in HS should know better, just a child is no excuse. I don’t like the fact her dream college rejected her but it seems like the guy complained about her behavior a year earlier but nobody cared, not even her…until she got caught.

        1. Rhiannon

          The article said that other students used the word & he complained but the school took no action. The video was private, sent to a friend, who passed it on to this guy. He decided to keep it & ruined her life because of it. So it wasn’t her calling him that N word & she didn’t say it to him. Now if he’d recorded a student or students calling him the N word & used it against them I’d have a different perspective, but this wasn’t directed at him nor was it sent to him by her. If someone hadn’t forwarded the video to him he’d never have known what she said in the privacy of her car to a friend. He should have ruined the person’s life that SENT HIM THE VIDEO!

        2. Dave Koch

          She was 15 when she created the video, like she says, the n word was used regularly in the music she listened too. It sounds to me like she was into black culture. What is Mr Galligan into? Retribution, revenge, hate, grim schadenfreude?

    2. Andrew

      So calling out racists makes one a Nazi now? Weird… Can I please get these rules on a pamphlet or something? They seem to be changing all the time.

      1. Vincent Morrone

        I don’t know if the use of that word, as offensive as it is, but in the context that it was used (The same as 1 woman referring to other women as her bitches) automatically qualifies her as racist. That’s not a defense, but it’s the simple reality.

        I also don’t think the male in this case is or should be called a Nazi. Of course, nobody except literal Nazis should be called Nazis. I understand, at least intellectually, his offense. (I don’t think anyone who isn’t black can really understand the emotional turmoil of hearing that word.) He certainly had a right to complain, but the fact is, he did seem to want to cause as much damage to her as possible.

        More importantly, there were adults involved here. The college, the NY Times. It would be nice if someone who is an adult would attempt to behave like one, and not decide to try and destroy her for fear of being canceled themselves, or so they can break their arms as they pat themselves on the back, congratulating themselves as being suffieniently ‘woke’.

      2. Cade

        Yeah. I’d like a copy of that pamphlet as well. It’s almost as ridiculous as by simply being a white person, who remorsefully once used a slang term ( that white people aren’t allowed to use) makes one a racist. I would understand some of the outrage if she was referring to a black person in a derogatory manner, but she was clearly using it as a friendly colloquial vocative while addressing a friend, the same as many black people do on a daily basis without any social outrage or recourse. If there is continued consensus that it is perfectly acceptable for one race to use a certain word, but deem it unforgivable if a person of another race once used it as a colloquial vocative addressing a friend in a private message, then we really need to reevaluate who the racists are. If the word is still that offensive to the black community, then the black community needs express the same outrage for the word used within their own community as they do with others.

      1. Kurt

        He’s a whiny jerk who just messed up his future. No normal place would hire him and no person would want to associate with him. His parents are just as pathetic… they raised a whiny baby. That word should never be said by anyone black or white. It’s a slur regardless of who says it.

      2. Cade

        Not a moral stand. Just another victim blaming their insecurities and limitations on anyone but themselves. This is revenge on a psychopathic level. It may be disguised as a “moral stand”, but this is nothing more than a malicious premeditated attempt to ruin someone’s life. Was Groves’ 3 second comment stupid? Yes. Was it malicious, cruel, or intended to hurt anyone? It’s obvious to anyone that it was not. I think it’s clear who the villain is in this story, and it’s clearly not Mimi Groves.

      3. Dan Kearnaghan

        You are an idiot! Did he take a moral stand against all of the rappers that use the word in their songs regularly? They are the reason the girl used the word in the first place. They made it an term of endearment towards each other. The girl picked up on this thinking it was socially acceptable as long as it was used in a certain context.

        I think if people are going to offended by a word, they should at least be consistent and condemn all who use the word, not just people that they consider to be racist solely on the color of their skin.

    1. SHG Post author

      Don’t wish anything bad on Galligan, as much of a smug piece of shit he may be for having held this vid so maximize the damage he caused Groves. He’s no different than so many other vicious young people.

      1. Ian

        Why? I absolutely do wish something bad on him. Unlike her when she made the video, he’s grown and intends real harm. May he choke on his own bile. This stuff will stop when those who do it suffer the consequences they deserve. Refusing to wish or inflict anything bad on them perpetuates it.

      1. LY

        Just remember, he is a black manchild going to collage in CA, which is, arguably, the epicenter of the Title IX fiasco. I’m sure he will get his at some point, and if the female in question google’s him first she may even wait until his senior year when he’s almost done and has all the debt load built up to get him expelled and his education nulled.

        Not saying that either event is good or correct, just that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it happened.

        Those who live by the sword usually die by it.

  2. Leo

    I don’t need to wish ill in anyone involved in this. That young man brought another to harm though he himself suffered not at all. The karmic scales are heavy in these cases.

    1. SHG Post author

      Bear in mind that but for the woke mob that took one kid’s voice and amplified it into a cause, no one would ever know this happened.

  3. Paleo

    Good thing for Ms Groves that cancel culture doesn’t exist.

    I won’t be as polite to Galligan as previous posters. He deserves every bad thing possible yo happen to him and I hope karma does it’s job here.

    The mob wins again.

  4. B. McLeod

    Galligan, like all good members of the howling mob, wanted to be able to destroy an evil slur-user, without consequences. Possibly, he might even become “heroic” in the process, and if he is lucky, the Internet will forget about him before some personal mistake of his own results in a monumental stroke of karmic payback. If, for example, he stumbles into a #MeToo trap, his attack on a teen getting her learner’s permit will be recast as evidence of his longstanding hatred for women. People should have seen all along what a misogynist bastard he was. He better live carefully going forward, lest fate spring forth from an augerhole to seize him.

  5. karma

    Wow the amount of people justifying a racist behavior is just horrible, this blog is a snapshoot of white supremacist thinking..keep educating your children like this girl, thinking she deserves to discriminate and insult without consequences, karma came back for her

    1. SHG Post author

      No one has “justified” her use of the word, a subject that’s been discussed here a few times in the past. What people are doing is recognizing the proportionality and viciousness of simplistic children like you, who get to hate as much as a Klansman but pretend they’re righteous in the mercilessness.

    2. Paleo

      So did you, apparently like Galligan’s parents, teach your children to go through life doing great harm to people who have done no harm to you? That’s normally considered shameful unless it involves 21st century digital lynch mobs. Then it’s ok.

      Do I get to decide at some point who gets to be shamed for improper behavior? You’d probably be in the list for calling a bunch of decent people a “snapshoot” of white supremacy. You’ve done more to us than the girl in this story did to Galligan.

      1. SHG Post author

        Don’t be too harsh. Karma suffers from the same childish delusion and smugness that so many do, easily calling out others as white supremacists without the slightest grasp of irony.

    3. LLC

      So white teens can dance to rap music, and are certainly entitled to purchase rap music, both digitally and in person via concerts, and they should emulate the fashions of rap musicians, they just shouldn’t speak like them.

      Got it.

    4. Skink

      The question, dear karma, it whether a 15 year-old’s life should be ruined because she said a dumb 15 year-old thing. Unless you are an utter dope, and they exist, you must agree that should not happen. It has nothing to do with white supremacy or racism; it’s just a one-off thing by a kid.

      As stupid as the reaction was, some good could come of it. This kid might be toughened by the ride and rise far above her contemporaries. That often happens: hardship brews accomplishment. Tough people do better than do those that whine about their lot in life., and they do a whole bunch better than those that whine about someone else’s lot.

      She might cure all cancers. Unless you think better, you will not. Wouldn’t you rather it was different?

    5. Tiani

      Period! She got what she deserved now she can learn from it and move forward. I don’t care how old she was when she said it she knew exactly what she was saying and she was trying to be funny. I don’t think she’s laughing now.

    6. RealKarma

      I find it as least a little ironic that a person using the word name Karma would be so oblivious to the actual meaning of the word as to take a single instance of a person’s life to assess that individual, and not, as the word karma implies, the sum of the individual’s life (or lives) to have them judged by their overall character.

      Extremely petty and derisive. Makes me wonder how karma will treat you.

  6. Vincent Morrone

    Stories like this infuriate me. And I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that wished some retribution be visited upon Galligan so he could understand what he did. But that wouldn’t solve anything, and in fact, would only make things worse. And that’s the trap, isn’t it? Get angry, then get ’em.

    What is the solution to something like this? Someone yells, so we yell louder? A call for a law to prevent it? How can we change the narrative so instead of scorched Earth hatred toward any and all mistake we may have made, to allowing forgiveness, and practicing kindness.

    I honestly don’t know the answer, but I know it’s not more anger, harm, and retribution.

    1. Drew Conlin

      Mr. Morrone I’m reminded of a loosely knit group I belong to, one of the members the treasurer abandoned the group and took all the money.
      He eventually returned because he needed his friends again. Of course ( our) group was ripe for vengeance, punishment, vindictiveness.. the group went to one of the older members convinced he would fully support them. Instead he said we should welcome him back and make him treasurer.

  7. Grum

    Yeah, we know, he’s a twat. The sad part is the pile-on by a crowd of idiots supporting his idiocy, and a clickbait-hungry media encouraging it.
    What a fucking shitshow. Sorry SHG, but this quite the most depressing thing I’ve seen on here in a long time.

      1. Grum

        SHG, you are too kind. I’d say, take your Stazi-esque demand for idealogical purity, and shove it up yer hoop Noah. People getting satisfaction from pillorying a wee girl? I don’t have adequate language to express my utter contempt for them.

        1. SHG Post author

          There’s little purpose in arguing with a blithering idiot. It doesn’t help Groves, and someone this idiotic isn’t going to be changed.

          1. Grum

            Fair point Scott. Was annoying; that said, despite you continuing to entertain us with your posts, belated compliments of the season to you and yours,

    1. Blm racism

      So. It is a cool word when used by blacks in songs and in friendships with each other.
      Mr Gallagher made a stupid mistake explode into a national story”to teach her a lesson” what she said is and was wrong. He circulated it more then she did in her stupidity. Ya you da man mr Gallagher… i bet if you met god today, he could show you some of your stupid mistakes in life too. Should he send you to hell???

  8. Paleo

    The kid goes to a Christian college in the western United States. A tiny one. I won’t identify it any further than that.

    Their mission statement reads in part “equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ centered leadership and service”.

    I don’t know the guy, but somebody seems to have skipped the part where Jesus talked about forgiving 70 times 7 times or the plank in our own eye. Instead he seems to think Jesus taught that vengeance is a dish best served cold. The school has some work to do with this guy.

  9. Bruce Godfrey

    Had she committed a delinquent act, rather than a “crime’ against good taste and judgment, the dramatis personae (including the Tennessee educrats) would have changed roles and positions.

    Then we would hear that youthful indiscretions should not end a future.

    She deserved an accountability moment for this, but a moment, not career and life damage. Debatably not even that, by laches.

  10. Joe Daddio

    HAHAHAha all you haters of the black kid are hilarious! You wish him all this ill will while magically jumping over the fact that that white girl was the one that was wrong in the first place. So what if she didnt directly call HIM a N-word, if she’s that casual with her use than yeah she probably uses and hears it a lot more behind other people’s backs. And her little excuse “i didn’t know, i’m just a privileged white girl that doesn’t bother to listen or understand the world around me or other people because i’m white dangit and everyone is supposed to act the way i act”. Welp, she just found out that that is not true and it’s hilarious. I applaud this young man for being this patient to teach a good lesson to white people. Time is up, cut the racist crap or get handled. Its’s her own fault!!! Ain’t nobody force her to record herself being a racist, coulda just said nothing and been excited about her permit and moved her way through life, now she lives at home. And every job she ever tries to take will find out about her so easily. Oh what i wouldn’t give to be the black HR person at any job she applies, the sweat on her butt must almost permeate the room. SHE DESERVES THIS. PROVE ME WRONG. Sorry for the caps….

    1. SHG Post author

      If you’re some MAGA guy trying to make the woke look like complete assholes, well played. Although the “HAHAHA” at the start might have been a bit too much.

      1. Joe Daddio

        I’m not some maga-tard, trump is the worst as far as how divided and wrong our great nation has become. Trump literally convinced a bunch of idiots to not wear a mask because its….cowardly or something? No thanks. I really did laugh at this girl, because her parents, adults and peers have all failed her inside that echo chamber. The real world caught up and said “bye felicia.” Normally being a christian and a good person i dont wish ill will on others or hope for comeuppance, but that girl needed that lesson. So I think its better she learned early enough to change herself and be forgotten over time rather than grow up to be a karen who doesn’t understand why she’s on the internet. I just did my job as a parent by steering one of my adopted kids away from playing with an electrical socket, why didn’t her family teach her about respecting others or even the simplest trick…..knowing where and when to run your mouth without getting caught.

        1. SHG Post author

          I’ve trashed your other comments because they contribute nothing. This isn’t reddit. I let your initial comment post because I’m a swell guy, but you’re just the other flavor -tard. Now go away. You’ve had your say and you’re done here.

    2. Skink

      No one needs to prove you wrong. You already did that by wandering into a place occupied by those that think. This place is for lawyers, judges and those that think in a hard way. Since you can’t think in a soft way, the bouncers will show you out. Please try not to trip on your way out.

      1. SHG Post author

        These kids really have no clue just how insufferably stupid they come off to anyone outside their echo chamber.

        1. DeJon

          “My blog. My rules.” –SHG
          –same thread–
          “These kids really have no clue just how insufferably stupid they come off to anyone outside their echo chamber.” — SHG, thowing self-awareness to the wind.

          1. Miles

            Some people prefer reddit to places where people are required to think and to express themselves as if they aren’t three years old and don’t have their head up their ass.

            You’re not gonna like it here.

    3. RLS725

      If he was so offended and wanted to “teach her a lesson” why didn’t he walk up to her privately, or message her directly? Why did he hold it back until she made her college announcement? Because he didn’t want to see her taught, he wanted to see her burned at the stake. Well, it worked, congrats! Meanwhile, back in the real world, nothing has changed.

  11. KP

    …followed by “the slur,” Which I assume is nxxxxx, but who knows if no-one mentions the subject they are talking about
    Doesn’t anyone else in the world find it amazing and amusing that no-one is able to explain what ‘the slur’ phrase is, that a particular word has been cancelled from our vocabulary in the faint hope it vanishes from everyone’s minds.

    Personally, I think people too scared to write the word deserve being cancelled, not the other way around. How can you have an adult debate without being able to express the subject, it is farcical.

    Its your blog Boss, you can put XXXX where I wrote it if you wish, but everyone tip-toeing around the word are just as bad as those wanting it banned and the people executed for using it. As for Ms Groves, she’s probably better off not attending a college with such a warped view of the universe.

  12. F. Lee Billy

    It’s amazing how many times the word Karma comes up on this posting. Karma is nothing more nor less than Am(t)rak spelled backwards.

    When your Amtrak train derails somewhere between NY and DC and you’re trapped in your seat, in the swealtering heat, without food or drink, … That’s Karma for you. It’s also wishful thinking that those you despise so intensely get their due. (Maybe they do, and maybe they get pardoned by the Prez who never uttered a slur in his life.)

  13. R D

    nothing like critcizing people for attacking a child online while attacking a different child yourself online. I agree that Galligan is probably in the wrong here but why is he deserving of more criticism than Groves?

  14. RLS725

    Man, he really showed her. Ruined her college and academic career. Took away cheerleading from her, something she clearly dedicated a ton of time and effort to. And, other than hurt this young woman, what exactly did this public vilification do? Did it change anything at all? He didn’t want to educate her, he wanted to destroy her. And he did. Congratulations dude: I already know you have no regrets, you got the exact outcome you wanted.

  15. John Leon

    This guy really hates white people. He is probably Jewish. Most Jews absolutely hate whites. That is why they push diversity on us. You can usually find out by googling if they ever attack blacks for being racist even when the issue is violent crime and not words. I bet he never has, he doesn’t go after Jews either. Just their way to show how much they hate us. They always focus all day on the littlest flaws among whites and overlook all pathology among other groups.

    1. SHG Post author

      Not sure who “this guy” refers to (don’t feel inadequate; writing is hard for the intellectually challenged), but I’m a Jew. Loved you in Airplane.

    2. Skink

      Well, this post went nullterrific. I guess it’s good to sometimes hear from the rabble outside the Hotel walls.

  16. davep

    The word is commonly used in certain groups and music genres not with the racist intent (others commented about that). There’s some chance that Grove used the word in the same way. That double standard is confusing (for many people).

    Galligan should have been (probably, was) aware of that use of the word, If it was used that way, releasing the video would be less fair of him.

    Her use of the word could have been momentary carelessness. His release of the video was premeditated (or should have had time to think about).

    The article mentioned that the word was routinely used in the high school in a disparaging manner but managed to ignore the possibility of the word being used in the other way. So, it would seem the journalism there was somewhat irresponsible.

    (Snark: if she didn’t use the word with the racist intent, she’d be pilloried for “cultural appropriation”).

    Just to be clear: I’m not saying her use of the word was OK. But the response seems way overboard and not very useful.

    1. Elpey P.

      “(Snark: if she didn’t use the word with the racist intent, she’d be pilloried for ‘cultural appropriation’.)”

      This is, in fact, what has happened here, even though people have hard time grasping that and call it something else.

        1. Vincent Morrone

          “The comments here have been interesting. Not necessarily good, but interesting.”

          “May you live in interesting times.”

      1. davep

        I’m not sure it’s what happened. But the story likely needs to consider the dual nature of the word. (I called it “snark” but it wasn’t just that.)

  17. ETB

    I feel a great amount of fear and pity for my 3-year old son who will grow up in a world where he has to worry about being accused of eye-rape or word-rape and might have his future altered by a childish mistake that some vindictive ass uses against him at an opportune moment. I have to cache every Title IX story and every story like this, so I can have the “talk” when he is a little older. And I probably need to delete every picture of him playing with his new Paw Patrol police vehicle, lest the photos fall into the wrong hands.

  18. nouse

    I wonder what will happen when people find out that i am constantly using that word in my mind, even though i am not allowed to.

  19. NC Democrat

    The article notes that “Mr. Galligan thinks a lot about race, and the implications of racial slurs. He said his father was often the only white person at maternal family gatherings, where ‘the N-word is a term that is thrown around sometimes’ by Black relatives.” I wonder what punishment Mr. Galligan has inflicted on his relatives for their offense.

  20. Sgt. Schultz

    The method to your madness is really kinda brilliant. There are two types of people, the hateful and the non-hateful. The hateful are just as simplistic and vicious, but divide on team woke or broke, and you’ve given them more than enough rope to hang themselves. And they have.

  21. El

    We have a video, a reflection from years ago of a child, casually calling their friend a name while rubbing that they can drive in their face. Us getting mad at the reflection in time, which we’re looking back at several years to form our opinion about doesn’t really give us any insight into this person as the adult. It’s a different person.

    How do we know she hasn’t already had the lesson and grew from it?

    When we say “they learned a lesson”, we’re trying to do the impossible: make someone in the past learn from something. “That will teach you not to do this when you’re 15… 18 year old you.” It turns into weighing forgiveness vs. harboring resentment about something a teenager said. In this instance, which would come with the better reward for someones growth? We already know theres been three years of growing since the fact.

    If I could be honest, I don’t think anyones learned any lessons in this. What would the lesson be? The “N” word is bad?

    Seems to me that the major lesson could have been one of forgiveness, and the potential for friendship between the two might have emerged. That would have been a real learning dynamic and opportunity for growth.

    This, though, seems like a giant seed of resentment planted for all parties involved, and no opportunity for friendship to emerge.

    1. SHG Post author

      Isn’t it sad how this could have been used in a constructive way, and yet so many here (and elsewhere) focus only on which side they feel deserves to suffer more? Even more sadly, I suspect that most of humanity needs to hate someone, and so they do.

  22. Megan

    Does no one want to talk about the fact that it looks like she is saying “f***er”? I know it is bleeping it out, but most people can read lips and it just looks like that is what she is saying. Is it just me?

      1. SHG Post author

        If this was so, then it would have been the known by those who saw the vid before it was redacted and she would have said so. As neither happened, this isn’t going to fly.

        1. NC Democrat

          Have you watched the video? Unless she’s a ventriloquist, she is seems to making an “f” rather than an “n” at the moment in question.

          1. SHG Post author

            I have, and I see your point, but if so, it was up to Groves or others who heard the unredacted video to make the point. It’s no longer in issue.

  23. Noah Jaffee

    Don’t do that crime, if you can’t do that time.

    She played a silly game and won a very silly prize.

    That’s life.

  24. Cade

    I know white people aren’t allowed to say the “N-word”, regardless of context. However, understanding how offensive the word is, in any context, I’m still not sure why the black community as a whole does not show the same outrage and disgust when the same word is used by so many members of the black community.

    Sure, I hear many intelligent black leaders say black people shouldn’t use the N-word either, but it rarely comes with any significant conviction. The offense seems to be more on par with one shouldn’t disrespect their elders. Some may disapprove, but few are ever going to call someone out for it. I would think with all the hate associated with this awful word, society as a whole would want this word expunged from our language forever. This can’t happen while the black community continues to approve of its use as it permeates music and film.

    Mimi Groves didn’t use the N-word in that video because she’s a racist or because she’s the product of a racist environment. She used it because, unfortunately, it’s very much apart of our popular culture. The use of the N-word is prevalent in hip-hop and film, and kids like hip-hop and film. It’s not new that both kids and adults alike tend to emulate celebrities, so why is the woke so shocked and ready to crucify a 19 year old white kid because 4 years ago, she used the N-word in the context of a friendly colloquial vocative, when music artists and other celebrities habitually drop the N-word, in the very same context? Especially when these celebrities are never publicly condemned by society, but glorified.

    Society needs to show the same contempt, outrage, and disgust for the N-word regardless who’s uttering it. The meaning and power of a word should have nothing to do with the skin color of the person saying it. If the word truly is that offensive to the black community, then the black community needs to take some responsibility and initiative in condemning those who use it within the black community. They need to do so with the same level of outrage and recourse as those condemned in the white community.

  25. Hunting Guy

    Attributed to Mark Twain.

    “ Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    Since I’m not one of the chosen that can post videos and I suck at it anyway, I’ll just drop this here.

    Joni Mitchell with “Both Sides Now.”

  26. David Meyer-Lindenberg

    In that the entire internet is now lining up behind either a stupid child or an evil child, this incident seems like the perfect metaphor for our political moment.

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