The “Both-Sideism” Of Cis White Men

The the other day, a question was posed whether the fact that an interlocutor was a “mediocre cis white dude” was relevant to anything, in juxtaposition to the uniformity of opinion by, in this instance, “‘every’ trans writer” as related by @AngryBlackLady.

Along similar lines, the same ad hominem was used to denigrate statistician Nate Silver.

Is it relevant whether these “pundits” are cis white men, whether Gen-X or otherwise, whether “mediocre” or worse, when the question is whether they are entitled to their opinions and whether their opinions have any merit?

As a corollary to the ad hominem dismissal of their “contrarian” views, are their views what they say they are or what others ascribe to them based upon their imputation of their secret hidden meaning?

The point isn’t whether you agree with any of these “cis white dudes” all the time or even occasionally, but whether the woke contention that their expression of opinion should not be permitted or considered as legitimate and worthy has merit. Whether they were once progressive and have since become traitors to the cause, or whether they were never on the side of the progressive angels, does their “both-sideism” contribute to thoughtful discussion and understanding or are they trolls trying to stoke hatred and harm?

This seems like an appropriate moment to point out that I, too, am a cis white dude, although a bit longer in tooth than Gen-X, and hardly as well-regarded. Do I get a say?

The questions, of course, are purely rhetorical since the answers are obvious, and obviously dictated by which side you’re on. Those adhering to an identitarian ideology will deem any view of the privileged used in any fashion that strays from allyhood as unacceptable. The other 95% will disagree with their intolerance of any view that doesn’t adhere to their orthodoxy.

But a question that’s not rhetorical is whether there can be any reconciliation between the “woke” side’s intolerance and fallacious method of argumentation, dismissal of the views of the vast majority of people based on their race, gender and willingness to consider arguments for and against, and the great many people who are neither conservative nor antagonistic to many of the outcomes the woke so desperately seek, but not to the extent of forsaking reason and principle.

If there is a middle ground to be had, where is it and how can it be reached if the woke are so fundamentally intolerant of any disputing their ideology? It takes two to tango, but are they willing to dance with anyone but themselves? And as it becomes increasingly clear that their support is waning, whether because of recognition that they’re intellectually unprincipled or just too demanding to suffer, will they grow increasingly extreme, offensive and intolerant, or will they come around to recognize that there are often two sides to an issue, both of which are worthy of discussion, and even cis white dudes who don’t plan to turn over their house  and car keys to someone higher on the victim hierarchy get to have a say.

The notion of privilege which has become widely accepted as a barometer is one that has never made much sense to me. As I’ve argued, no one should be saddled with detriment based on race, gender or orientation, but after removal of the burden, privilege is almost entirely a matter of personal choice and effort. I’m privileged, and I worked damn hard to earn it, for which I am pretty darn proud.  As a result, my views are summarily dismissed as those of a old cis white dude, mediocre or otherwise.

To cut to the chase, I reject the notion that I am not entitled to my views, entitled to express my views and don’t give a flying shit if they’re anathema to the bold, woke children who are quite certain that they are the righteous and I, and those like me, are the destroyers of their world. If there is no reconciliation to be had, then the only thing left to say is that cis white dudes of whatever stripe are every bit as entitled to express their views and if you don’t like it, tough noogies.

11 thoughts on “The “Both-Sideism” Of Cis White Men

  1. Rxc

    “If there is a middle ground to be had, where is it and how can it be reached if the woke are so fundamentally intolerant of any disputing their ideology? It takes two to tango, but are they willing to dance with anyone but themselves.”

    Every movement is driven by its most extreme members. The ones with the fire in their bellies to triumph. There is no one in the middle with a fire in his belly to compromise. One side will eventually exhaust itself as the people in the middle ignore it.

  2. Mark Schirmer

    Were it not for Trump, who has, for my money, proven himself an existetial threat to democracy, woke racism, reality denial, and intolerance would be the greatest tbreat we face.

    They won’t change, because like Trump is their need to be in control and on top that is threatened

    Oh, and it seems axiomatic that anyone using the phrase “mediocre cis dude” shows their intellectual, ethical, moral, and humanity inadequacy. Mediocre would be an improvement.

  3. B. McLeod

    “Every trans writer” is an extraordinarily tiny, though increasingly hateful, splinter group. The notion that they will somehow convert large numbers of normal people to their viewpoint by insults and strident belligerence is an odd one.

  4. Elpey P.

    Meet the new incoherent identitarian fascist
    Same as the old incoherent identitarian fascist

    These barking trolls are just a hipper upgrade to the perpetual reactionaries that have used safetyism and identity to manipulate the population. The discourse will happen around them and using them, not with them. When they speak of “entitled mediocre cis white men” they are projecting their own philosophy onto another identity. Or in the case of quite a few, it literally is their own identity.

  5. Hunting Guy

    Damn, Greenfield.

    Have you changed your voter registration to racist, misogynist, sexist, patriarchal Republican yet?

      1. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit

        I’m surprised neither of your video folks have tossed the Alice Cooper song “Elected” in here as a response.

  6. Gitardave

    Funny, if it’s not shoved in my face, (like in twitsville) I don’t even think to go looking for what the skin color or fuck-buddy preference of the rando author of said opinion is.
    It’s also kinda hard to take anyone seriously that uses this metric as a way to logically qualify a truth.

  7. Jeffrey

    Ezra Pound was a fascist but a terrific poet. John Marshall owned slaves, but this would be a very different place without him. The Harry Potter books are neither better nor worse because of J.K. Rowling’s views on sexual /gender identity. Some of my clients probably deserved to be convicted despite the arguments I’ve made for them.

    What the fuck does one thing have to do with the other?

  8. Pedantic Grammar Police

    With the exception of Greenwald who has always stood up for free speech, all of these people nurtured the woke beast that now seeks to devour them. I hope that they are learning from this experience.

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