Sins Of The Son

After the stunning implosion of a sweet plea deal that, all things being equal, should never have been allowed to escape the grasp of the defense, Hunter Biden is going to trial. You remember Hunter Biden, whose conduct was denied and pooh-poohed when initially raised, another fabricated conspiracy theory of the right crafted as disinformation to harm his father, which turned out to be not merely true, but damning?

Last September, a federal grand jury charged Mr. Biden with three felonies: lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, making a false claim on the federal firearms application used to screen applicants and possessing an illegally obtained gun for 11 days, from Oct. 12 to Oct. 23, 2018.

“Hunter Biden possessed a firearm while knowing he was an unlawful user of or addicted to any stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance, in violation of federal law,” prosecutors said.

Given his admissions to both engaging in the conduct and smoking crack every 15 minutes of every day, while being paid $17 million more than most crack addicts by foreign corporations, the best argument to be mustered is that his presidential pop never took a dime from his beloved son. There is nothing wrong with a father loving his son, no matter how flawed his baby may be. Indeed, I would consider that a parental virtue. But if I were vice president, I might think twice before becoming an enabler by taking telephone calls from my cracked-up kid’s erstwhile business partners, whether or not my purpose was to reinforce the sales pitch that my li’l darling had a direct pipeline to the White House.

While Hunter Biden might not have had any personal knowledge, experience or skills worth minimum wage, no less millions, being able to get the VP on the phone at will might be worth a pretty penny, whether or not it meant he could get anything done by it. After all, who knows exactly what influence a kid carries, but if dad is the veep, it’s more than other crack addicts have to offer.

Mr. Biden has been sober for years and has written about his struggles with crack addiction and alcohol dependency in his memoir, which is likely to be used as evidence in both of his trials. Since the plea agreement fell apart, he has submitted to drug testing and passed, according to his lawyer Abbe Lowell.

How Mr. Biden plans to pay for his high-powered, high-priced legal representation in both trials remains an open question.

Despite what some of the, ahem, silly stuff said on some of his more recent MSNBC appearances, Abbie Lowell is well regarded as a criminal defense lawyer. As such, he comes at a fairly hefty price tag, as well he should. So why, pray tell, would he be trying the case of a former crack addict whose admitted conduct strongly suggests that he’s about to get slaughtered before a jury?

His main benefactor, who has already shelled out nearly $7 million in loans to the president’s son, has told associates he is running out of liquid assets. That has deepened a chronic cash crunch that has already left Mr. Biden’s lawyers working for little or no compensation. Efforts to create a legal-defense fund have gone nowhere.

There are very few crack addicts who are able to get top-o-the-line defense lawyers to take on their cause without assurance of payment. There are even fewer who have “benefactors” willing to shell out “nearly $7 million in loans” that stand no chance of every being repaid, at least in fiat. One might ask where that $17 million went, but it’s not cheap to party if you do so the Hunter way.

As a father, and as a father who loves his son, I can well appreciate that financing my son’s future would be all the compensation I require to enable it to the extent humanly possible. Whether it’s $17 million in foreign moolah or a big-time defense lawyer or even a benefactor, none of whom would likely answer the phone for any other crack addict, no less agree to come to his aid and comfort, it’s hard not to imagine that this is all for the sake of the father since it’s impossible to imagine that anyone would otherwise give a damn about the son.

President Joe Biden is good father. Perhaps too good. And that’s all the compensation he needs when it comes to his beloved and last-surviving son, Hunter.

5 thoughts on “Sins Of The Son

  1. Chris Van Wagner

    This is “Saving Private Ryan, Darkly.” None can begrudge the need and desire of a father to save his lone living son. All other things aside, the father’s heart needs nothing more. It’s not about the father. The prosecution might be, but the father’s effort is not. And truly, little else likely matters. If the father’s work life suffers, that is normal. Yes, we are all part of that work life. So yes, we may all suffer- or have. But still. He must do what is in his heart.

  2. Ray

    What do you mean by “he might not have had any personal knowledge, experience or skills worth minimum wage”?
    The man is a Yale Law School Graduate, businessman and world famous artist. He’s been sober for years.
    Let’s all get off his back, and leave the kid alone..


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