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Tuesday Talk*: Does “Copaganda” Have A Point?

It was one of those moments when, had I been drinking at the time, there was an excellent chance I would have spit all over my computer screen. Scott Hechinger, who has dedicated himself to telling his distorted version of reality since leaving Brooklyn Defenders to start his media activist site, “” twitted that Teen Vogue was “the best justice journalism outlet in the country.” Apparently, it’s not just about anal sex anymore.

But the particular point being made had to do with the magazine posting of a short video about “copaganda.” It’s a word that’s used by reformers to smear media’s presentation of crime and criminal justice issues either primarily from the perspective of official channels like law enforcement or to hype outlier anecdotes to create the impression that crime is rampant by feeding the public a steady stream of crime stories. Continue reading

The Hunter Gun Dilemma

Nobody forced special counsel nee United States Attorney David Weiss to indict Hunter Biden on gun charges that were both already conceded and, more importantly, the sort of charges that were essentially never charged absent a connection to some more serious crime. The only reason seems to be the ethereal pressure to do something, now that he was special counsel and the claim was that Hunter received special treatment.

Of course, those who desperately wanted Hunter Biden to be held to account were talking not about the gun charges, lying on form 4473 and possessing a gun while being a crackhead, but his business dealings, the millions paid to this crackhead who possessed no skill greater than being a vice president’s son. And that was because the vice president, who loved his son, was willing to let himself be used by his son to make millions, even if he never got any of that money himself. Continue reading

Why Is Cross So Feared?

John Henry Wigmore called cross examination “the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth.” A non-lawyer partner of the disgraced Brett Socolow in TNG, a Title IX consulting business working for colleges to assure the conviction of males accused of sexual assault, Joseph Vincent, expressed a different view to the New York Times.

But Joseph Vincent, an advisory board member of the Association of Title IX Administrators, expressed skepticism about the value of adversarial cross-examinations in campus sexual assault hearings. Continue reading

A Pit Is Still A Pit

A wise fiddler once said, “it’s no crime to be poor, but it’s no great honor either.” This came to mind when an advertisement appeared on the subway for Dove’s #FreeThePits promotion. We all have armpits, but why would anyone want to make them the focus? No one (at least to my knowledge) ever walked around admiring women’s svelte hairless pits, although some judged the more natural pits harshly. Not the braided ones, but the hairy ones.

Frankly, I never understood why, and suspected it was mostly women judging other women, as few men I knew spent much time thinking about women’s armpits. Apparently, the folks at Dove picked up on this and thought they could buy themselves some good will with a subway ad that pushed the issue to the forefront. Continue reading

Mitt Romney’s Lunch Stories

Reverting to her millennial roots, Michelle Goldberg writes of Mitt Romney’s “tragic ambivalence” because of his failure to go full woke on Trump as he explained his retirement from the Senate.

Rolling out the announcement that he won’t run for re-election, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has framed it as a passing of the torch. “At the end of another term, I’d be in my mid-80s,” he said in a video statement. “Frankly it’s time for a new generation of leaders. They’re the ones that need to make the decisions that will shape the world they will be living in.” He clearly means this as a rebuke to the 80-year-old Joe Biden and the 77-year-old Donald Trump, neither of whom, he said, “are leading their party” to confront the major issues facing our country. “The next generation of leaders must take America to the next stage of global leadership.”

Continue reading

Is It A Privilege To Have Two Parents?

There is a significant correlation between a child having two parents, regardless of whether they are of different sexes or the same sex, and success. Likewise, there is a correlation between having one parent and a child living a future of poverty. Nicholas Kristof calls this the “privilege” liberals ignore.

We are often reluctant to acknowledge one of the significant drivers of child poverty — the widespread breakdown of family — for fear that to do so would be patronizing or racist. It’s an issue largely for working-class whites, Blacks and Hispanics, albeit most prevalent among African Americans. But just as you can’t have a serious conversation about poverty without discussing race, you also can’t engage unless you consider single-parent households. After all: Continue reading

Gibson’s Scandal, But For Whom?

According to her campaign mailer, she’s a nurse practitioner and mother of two kids running as a Democrat for the 57th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. According to the New York Times, she’s the victim of the illegal violation of her privacy.

But according to the Washington Post, this candidate for office has a side hustle doing internet porn with her husband, a lawyer. Continue reading

Tuesday Talk*: Recusal For Appearance of Impropriety

To no one’s surprise, Trump’s lawyer in the Jack Smith January 6 case, John Lauro, has moved for Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself based upon gratuitous statements made during her sentencing of other January 6 defendants.

Fairness and impartiality are the central tenets of our criminal justice system. Both a
defendant and the public are entitled to a full hearing, on all relevant issues, by a Court that has not prejudged the guilt of the defendant, and whose neutrality cannot be reasonably questioned.

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It’s Not Forgotten Yet

At least not here. Today is the 22nd anniversary of 9/11. I had no clue how I would deal with it this year, particularly after last year. Then I turned on 60 Minutes last night to see video and images that brought it all back. Some I had never seen before. Some I had. All reminded me that it just happened yesterday, at least in my mind.

Comment or not. Care or not. I care. And even if this has grown tiresome to you, I will not forget.

Title IX Kamikaze Appeals

No one has followed lawsuits by male students seeking relief from the denial of due process in campus Title IX sex tribunals more closely than KC Johnson. As a result, KC has watched as certain trends developed. They’re imperfect as a predictor, but pretty darn good. Most significantly, they are not the predictors that law would expect or, in a better system, allow. But they emerge nonetheless, in all their harsh ugliness and cold reality.

For example, Obama and Biden appointed judges are so supportive of female students’ claims of rape that they are extremely disinclined to reverse because the male student was railroaded into conviction. They’re inclined to believe that colleges aren’t anti-male, but just anti-rapist and pro-“survivor.”  They will bend over backwards to come up with some ridiculous excuse to rule against the male student, no matter how badly his due process rights were denied or how flagrant the violation. Continue reading