Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Use Photoshop

As I paint the image of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as a pinup babe, I should have expected some wag to convert it into reality.  Along came Todd Tayler at Reasonable Doubts.

Todd, proving that even people who drink the clean water (and Coors beer) in Colorado have the potential for a polluted mind, has cobbled together this pic for our pleasure.

Now if this image isn’t quite what you had in mind (I know it wasn’t what I was thinking), then consider Todd’s alternative.

Personally, I prefer to imagine Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a one-piece, but that’s just me.

Can we please stop this?  It’s one thing to paint an image for figurative purposes, but the reality is just too painful.

And where did you get that body shot of me, Todd?  I usually hide my six-pack abs under a concealing roll or two of “padding” to avoid unnecessary jealousy, so photos such as this are quite rare.