Nominations are Open for the 5th Annual Jdog Memorial Best Criminal Law Blawg Post

It’s that time of year again! Time to recognize the effort and thoughtfulness of criminal law blawgers with our annual Best Criminal Law Blawg Post, which has been dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Joel Rosenberg.

Unlike the other Beauty Pageants in the blawgosphere, the idea here is to provide a platform to revisit the excellent work done over the past year.  Past winners of the JDog prize are luminaries of the blawgosphere,  Ohio’s Jeff Gamso, Connecticut’s  Gideon Strumpet, Texas’  Mark Bennett and Arizona’s Matt Brown.

Here’s the deal:

  • Anybody can nominate a post for the honor, including their own.  SJ posts are off limits.  You can nominate them anonymously, with great fanfare, just by name or with a detailed explanation of why you think a post is the best.  It can be a post from a criminal defense lawyer, a prosecutor or a non-lawyer, provided its subject is criminal law.  It can even be a post by a lawprof. You can nominate up to five posts.
  • Nominations can only be made in the comments here. No emails, phone calls, text messages, fruit baskets or lovely cards with deeply personal messages.
  • For this contest, and for this contest only, I will allow links to be included in comments to the posts (not the blawgs, but the actual posts) nominated.  Spam links will be treated harshly.
  • This is a chance to think back over the year and give everyone some great posts to read, to ponder, to discuss and maybe even change some minds.

I invite anyone and everyone to offer the best the blawgosphere has in criminal law.  Spread the word, and let others know that this is their opportunity to show their stuff, get a backlink, and let the rest of the blawgosphere know what they’re doing.

Nothing here at Simple Justice is eligible, so don’t waste time with it.

The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day.

Judging will be entirely on my shoulders, and I will be as arbitrary and capricious as I please, so there’s no complaining about the choice.  That said, I will do my best to select the blawg post that best reflects our finest work, our highest tradition, our deepest thoughts and our best purpose in putting words on a computer screen.  For anyone who doesn’t trust me to be fair, find a better offer elsewhere.

Finally, to address issues that arose last year, efforts to bribe me with baked goods will not assure a win. However, it can’t hurt and is definitely worth a try.

23 thoughts on “Nominations are Open for the 5th Annual Jdog Memorial Best Criminal Law Blawg Post

  1. Jeff Gamso

    I’m nominating 4, leaving an open spot in my five max on the chance that something spectacular catches my eye in the next few days. In the order in which they were posted over the course of the year. (And damn I hate to give Jordan the satisfaction of agreeing with him that Leo nailed it.)

    Gideon, A Public Defender: “They Have Always Been Us.”

    Paul Kennedy, The Defense Rests, “Stepping Back from Stop and Frisk.”

    Norm DeGuerre, Chasing Truth, Catching Hell, “Transcript of His Honor’s Handwashing Liturgy, or The Defendant’s Romero Motion Is Denied.”

    Leo Mulvihill, Philly Law Blog, “The Plea.”

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  3. Rick Horowitz

    Wow. I have to admit that as much as I’d like one of my posts to make it, I “third” the nomination of Norm DeGuerre’s “Transcript.”

    I’m going to have to start reading that blog more regularly.

  4. Charles B. Frye

    I nominate Mr. Bennett’s 10/17 (?) Post – “Are Revenge Porn Statutes Constitutional.”

    With Much Fanfare.

  5. Robb Fickman

    I don’t like pompous law professors (pleonastic?);
    I don’t like people in authority who ain’t exactly honest;
    I don’t like people who try to swipe our rights; and
    I don’t like mayonnaise & I don’t people who like it.

    That’s 4 people I do not like. Mark Bennett, my eventual cell mate, penned a blog that hit on 3 of 4. I ain’t sure on
    the mayo issue. Notwithstanding the
    ” Unresolved Mayo Issue”, the mayo Issue , Mark’s blog on the three is
    right in the teeth.

    Please consider Mark’s blog post,
    “Lying Lawprof Lies.”
    For Blog of the year.

    Thanks for your good work. Get you a good hat & boots.

    Robb Fickman

    Born again Birther
    See: Rafael “Ted” Cruz
    US Senate Pinhead from Canada

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