The Next ATL Blawging Star

Shoot me for slumming, but this is just too funny.  David Lat, who if nothing else knows how to tell a joke (hey, he was an AUSA, after all), has taken the law into the gutter, to the delight of every Biglaw associate and summer intern wannabe.  But when David got kicked upstairs, it left a gaping hole in one of the few valuable properties in the blawgosphere.  What to do?

Welcome to the Above the Law Idol Contest!

Lat has selected six finalists to replace him as Hottie-Master in Chief of Above the Law.  While the contestants range from Biglaw refugee to Biglaw reject to recovering Biglawyer, you have to give them credit for their will to leave the suits behind and hitch their wagon to Lat’s star.  Their mothers must be dying.

Following the tried and true formula, the three “celebrity” judges will be:

  • Ann Althouse, Robert W. & Irma M. Arthur-Bascom Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School, and author of her eponymous blog, Althouse;

  • Tom Goldstein, head of the D.C. litigation practice and co-head of the firm-wide Supreme Court practice at Akin Gump, and founder of SCOTUSblog; and

  • Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor of Slate (where she blogged at Convictions), author of two books, and a contributor to the New York Times and the Washington Post (among many other publications).

  • Already the judges are jockeying for position, with Lithwick edging out Althouse for the “Paula” position.  It’s
    unclear whether Goldstein is Randy or Simon, but breaking with the ATL tradition of gender confusion, he will not be “Paula”. 

    Above the Law gets about 3 Million page views a month (which is at least 27 more than Simple Justice…in my dreams), which is an astounding number of reads.  So whoever gets the gig will have some big shoes to fill, not that I’m saying that Lat has extremely large or peculiar feet.  I have no idea what type of feet he has.  But you get the point.

    While I may have had some fun with Lat in the past, I’ve got to say that this is just hysterical.  How he came up with this idea is beyond me, but Lat has got an incredible vision for the blawgosphere and may ultimately prove to be one of the most significant visionaries as far as fulfilling the promise of the blawgosphere.  Maybe not, but at least we should get one heck of a good laugh out of it.  Compared to my boring polemics, Lat is a star.

    I sincerely tip my hat to David Lat.  You are my idol.