Top 10 Reasons to Twit (An Alternative View)

10.  Because CharonQC twits with a British accent, while Geeklawyer slurs his twits.

9.  Because the constant chirping noise from Brian Tannebaum’s twits is calming, soothing, rythmic

8.  Because you want to be a voyeur, but aren’t yet ready for nudity.

7.  Because you’ve never had an idea that required more than 140 characters anyway.

6.  Because it’s cool to be followed by 138 people you don’t know, some skimpily clad.

5.  Because you’ve always wanted to know the best wines under $7 a bottle.

4.  Because there aren’t enough opportunities in the day to learn about all the things people want to sell you.

3.  Because you now understand why Kevin O’Keefe lives in Seattle, where caffeinated coffee is an art form.

2.  Because it seems like you have people paying close attention to your every twit, even though no one is there.

And the best reason to twit…

Because there is no better way to while away the hours, and hours, and hours…

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Twit (An Alternative View)

  1. Charon QC

    I Twit because I have become an existentialist after drinking wine costing only $2 a bottle.

    I notice the writing limit on this comments section is 3000 characters… I just don’t know how now….

  2. Jdog

    … because it’s in-depth news for people with very short attention spans.

    … all the famous accuracy of the Internet, plus hashtags!

    … becuz it teaches u to express self elegantly in > 140 chars, ike ths.

  3. SHG

    Don’t pay any attention to him.  He’s the king of the screw-off tops, and he’s just pretending to be a connosewer.

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