Hull Gets Tough: No-Wuss Zone Is For Real

Dan Hull, the guiding force behind What About Clients?, which subtlety transitions into What About Paris? every weekend, is a lawyer who knows right from wrong.  And he makes no apologies. And he takes no prisoners.

This is the guy who asked the question, why are we paying associates who can’t produce viable work so that law schools can spend three years discussing the Law of Basket Weaving 101.  It seemed to Hull that they ought to be paying firms for the training (and perhaps suing their law schools for fraudulent inducement).

Hull’s blawg has been a consistent award winner and voice for sanity in the blawgosphere, and he’s gone on a new tear against the specter of anonymous comments, proclaiming No Name, No Publish.

Policy: On this blog, the ethos is Step Up: (1) Say Who You Are, and then (2) Say What You Think. We need both bona fides to publish. Exceptions are special needs cases: e.g., CIA undercover operatives, abused housewives, Cuban or Iranian dissidents, ex-hookers who work with severely retarded children, Gen-Ys, or unwed teenage moms, bona fide members of the dreaded Club Ned, and serious non-wimp trailblazers. Garden variety risk-averse lawyer-CPA chickenshits need not apply.**

No, he’s not without empathy (just in case there’s another opening on the Supremes during the Obama administration).  He understands that there are rare exceptions to the rule, and he’s not one of those zero-tolerance jerks who strip-search 14 year old girls.  The bar, however, is raised quite high:


Everyone else: get a spine. Above: The highly-respected French Resistance in
action. Twenty-first century counterparts may qualify for a WAC? No-Anonymity
Rule special needs exemption.
While I’ve yet to show the fortitude of Dan Hull, still allowing those who insist on hiding behind anonymity to post their comments, I must admit that Hull is an inspiration to me, and I hope to you as well.  If you have no real cause to conceal your identity, then get a spine and stop pretending that you’re Publius. You’re not.  You never will be.  Nothing you have to say compares.  That’s just how it is, and no one who reads your comment will ever confuse you with James Madison.

Simple Justice will continue to allow comments by wusses, but don’t mistake the fact that you’re a wuss unless you fit within a special exemption.  I will know it.  Everyone else will know it.  Dan Hull will know it.  You should know it too.