Cronkite In His Healey: And That’s The Way It Was

Walking past the Austin Healey dealership in New York, Walter Cronkite made an impulse decision to walk inside and buy himself one.  For those of you who wonder why a fellow today would drive a 40+ year old car as fast he can around a tight corner, perhaps this can explain.

If this hasn’t made it clear, then you’re hopeless.

9 thoughts on “Cronkite In His Healey: And That’s The Way It Was

  1. Dissent

    I’m of the female persuasion and was a card-carrying member of the SCCA for many years. As a corner worker/marshal, my nickname was “The Jinx of Lime Rock,” as whatever corner I’d be working would have some horrific crash (one of the worst that I recall involved 11 cars in one incident at the bottom of the hill onto the front straight).

    And yes, I drive a two-seater ragtop and I still follow the F1 races which I used to attend but can no longer afford.

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Kathleen Casey

    My yen is for a great big bike. Gosh are they fun. But that is some defensive driving. So I haven’t had the nerve to buy one.

    I’ll go in my 90s on the back of a motorcycle. My boyfriend driving. That’s my joke.

  3. SHG

    Believe it or not, the Blind Guy is a biker, not to mention rep’d some alleged outlaw bikers.  Of course, he was more of a threat before he was blind.

  4. Dissent

    Kathleen: When I decided that I really wanted to learn how to drive stick shift, I just went out and bought a car with stick shift. When I went to pick it up and the salesman asked me if I had any questions after he got done showing me the windshield wipers and accessories, I said, “Yes. How do you drive this thing?”

    He looked at me like I was nuts (he may have had a point, there), but I told him that if he didn’t tell me what I was supposed to do to drive stick shift, the car probably wouldn’t make it out of the lot.

    So he told me, and when I drove away, all I saw in my rearview mirror was every employee from the dealership lined up outside, laughing their damned heads off. But it worked. 🙂

    Moral of the story: just go out and buy yourself that bike that you dream of and you’ll learn to ride it.

  5. Kathleen Casey

    I don’t worry about hopping on and riding it. It’s the drivers in those other contraptions you have to look out for, because they are usually oblivious. A biker has to -watch out-! Thank you for the moral though.

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