Rage, TV News Version

Discussion of flight attendant Steven Slater, whether hero or criminal, offers some great opportunities to make important points.  Some blame the passenger who was abusive toward him.  Some blame him for losing his cool.  Not too many, surprisingly, blame the airline for charging for checked baggage and allowing 6½ inches of seat width per passenger.

But the news in New York is having a field day with this story, because it’s, well, criminal and funny at the same time.  No one died, so they don’t have to pretend they’re sad and put on a long face.  In fact, this is a video of their latest, and deepest, report on the subject.


Wow, that Dr. Nandu Pelusi needs to get a grip on himself.  But to arrive at the conclusion of “can’t we just put this anger aside?”

Why didn’t any of you think of that?

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