ITAP, The Movie

Every year around this time, I write about my stint at Cardozo Law School’s Intensive Trial Advocacy Program, which I’ve come to believe to be one of the most useful instructional tools around.  Tout the elite schools all you want, but should you end up actually doing lawyer-type stuff, like trying cases, tossing around your Harvard pedigree isn’t likely to get you an acquittal. 

Knowing how to try a case, on the other hand, just might make you a real lawyer.

This year, Peter Walsh, the administrative director of the program developed by hardcore lawprofs Barry Scheck and Ellen Yaroshefsky, entered the digital age by posting a video about the program, which I’m thrilled to share.

Law students, if your school doesn’t offer a program that might actually provide you with a foundation for the skills you will need to become a lawyer, ask why not.  A law school that is happy to cash your student loan checks while failing to provide you with the tools of the profession is failing you.  Stop whining about it on JD Underground and demand a program like this at your school.