Rakofsky v. Internet, Part Deux (A Juror Verdict)

It’s one thing to speak from afar, relying on the reporting of others.  It’s another to be there, to experience it for oneself.  That’s why this comment by Randy, a juror in Dentrell Deaner’s murder case, is so significant.  (H/T to @hotspringsatty for pointing it out).  I have confirmed with Randy, who prefers to keep his surname out of the internet whirlwind, that he was, indeed, a juror on the case. (H/T  Jamison Koehler for putting me in touch with Randy).

Here’s what he had to say.

Right now, I am looking at a letter adressed to me from Judge William M. Jackson, thanking me for my jury service on the Deaner trial….and I feel obliged to set the record straight as just that “indsider”. Additionally, I’d like to thank the judge for his extreme tolerance of Mr Rakofsky’s antics…..to those of us on the jury, we were stupified and, having sat on many trials in the past myself, Judge Jackson gave Mr Rakofsky as much “leash” as was professionally possible. It’s Mr Rakofsky’s own fault, and frankly narcissism, that allowed him to “hang” himself with that leash and draw a mistrial.

It was obvious from the opening statements that Mr Rakofsky was way out of his league and poorly trained for a proper court defense. Whatever momentary empathy any of us on the jury may have felt for Mr Rakofsky’s absolute ineptitude, were quickly absolved by our knowledge that a young man’s entire life was at stake. The absolute amateurish antics displayed by Mr Rakofsky were repulsive and oddly narcissistic. He had very little command of the law, and now hearing that Mr Deaner’s family actually hired him is truly upsetting. Most of us assumed that this was a court ordered public defender that may just have been too young and overwhelmed by a huge docket of cases to put together a proper defence.

Additionally, the quotes above from Rakofsky [as well as the Facebook entries] make my stomach absolutely turn. His poor performace was much much more than a lack of training and time….he truly had no grasp for how to handle a proper criminal court trial and it was obvious to EVERYONE in the court that he had trouble even putting a proper thought together, often repeating and repeating himself over and over to the audible gasps from the jury. Now, hearing his responses on facebook, I am truly repulsed that this “attorney” could defend his own actions while he wasted the time of the court, those of us on the jury, the money of DC taxpayers and most importatly jeopardized the life of the person he was defending. It’s an absolute travesty and mockery of the fragile system that protects ALL of our rights.

The funny thing is that deeper digging is a by-product of Rakofsky’s decision to take a bad situation and make it stupendously worse.  From afar, he looked horrible.  He looked even worse close-up.  And Randy, the juror, saw him as close-up at it comes.  Randy has more to say, but is awaiting the court’s approval (he just wants to be sure) before doing so.

My bit of fatherly advice: If you don’t want to become the poster boy for legal incompetence and deception, don’t be incompetent or deceptive.  Commencing a ridiculous lawsuit is never a good answer.

7 thoughts on “Rakofsky v. Internet, Part Deux (A Juror Verdict)

  1. Dan

    We are almost at the point where I feel bad that Rakovsky doesn’t have anyone close to him with enough judgment to tell him to stop digging. Almost.

  2. SHG

    He’s not beyond redemption, but the first thing he has to do is realize that he is the problem, not the rest of the unappreciative world.  In fact, I bet that many CDLs would go out of their way to help him to learn how to be a competent lawyer.  We just tend to be nice guys that way.

  3. Skelly

    For fear of coming off as a concern troll, if Rakofsky is continuing to read all this blog traffic, I hope that he wil see this and contact the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program, for himself and for his clients.

  4. SHG

    Despite coming off as a concern troll, your hope is contingent on a few things far beyond your (or my) control: Are Rakofsky’s decisions guided by narcissism or poor judgment?  Is there a psychological impediment preventing him from grasping the poverty of his choices?  Are there unknown issues driving him in a self-destructive manner?

    He has the ability to shift gears and seek redemption whenever he chooses.  That isn’t to say he’ll get it, but he can try.  My guess is that he won’t seek help, change his ways or learn from any of this, but persist in digging and do as much damage as anyone possibly can.  But then, my expectations are low.

  5. Skelly

    I agree with you that the man lacks insight, to say the least. Short of an unlikely intervention by the New Jersey bar, Rakofsky can continue to take on clients, and unless they Google him thoroughly, they’re screwed.

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