On the Road Again

About this time every year, my son and I take off to some godforsaken part of the country where the United States Fencing Association has seen fit to hold the Summer National Championships.  This year it’s Reno, Nevada.

Over the next eight days, we will be hiding in a massively large, exceptionally loud, wholly undecorated, notably smelly, room where men and women will be fighting with swords of one type or another.  It smells like . . .  victory. 

Whether he wins, loses or otherwise, I am incredibly proud of my son. That he’s an A11 rated epee fencer is just frosting on the cake.  He works hard. He cares. He strives to achieve. He’s felt glory, but knows the agony of defeat.  He knows nothing worthwhile is accomplished without effort.

During this time, my interest in writing wanes, with other things taking precedence.  As much as I enjoy writing, there are things more important and they come first.  More than that, my head isn’t as much into law as it is touches, lunges, parries and ripostes (and the occasional fleche), or the sort done with cold, hard, maraging steel. 

For those of you looking for an opportunity to beat me to death because of how much you despise what I write (or just don’t like me), this would be a wonderful opportunity to take me to task without fear of response.  For those who just think I write too damn much, this would be a chance to catch up.  And for those who don’t care much either way, you aren’t reading this, so it doesn’t matter.

In the interim, I expect to do some posting along the way, but I won’t be following things nearly as closely as I normally do.  Comment moderation will be slow in coming.  So cut me a break and wish my son luck.

Did I mention how proud I am of my son? 

And we’re off to Reno.  Later.

6 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Pam Lakatos

    I hope you and your son are supremely successful in all you do. You deserve to take this time to do something that has nothing to do with the law.

    These times with our children are rare and become even more precious as they mature and follow other interests that take them from our daily lives.

    After all, as we grow older-and for some of us wiser-it is all about balance.

    Hope this trip goes into the memory pages of your family story as one great time.


  2. Kathleen Casey

    Wonder what kind of food they serve in Reno and how good it is? Let us know.

    Send us a postcard. “Thinking of you but having a good time anyway” is about the right message.

    Good luck to Rerun.

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