The Grinch Who Smoked Christmas

The weather outside is frightful?  The fire is so delightful?  Especially when it’s burning those little rocks of crack in grandma’s pipe.  From the Albany Times Union :

A 44-year-old woman stole her 3-year-old grandson’s Christmas gifts and sold them for crack while she was supposed to be baby-sitting him, police said.

Andrea Ocasio was arrested early Saturday after her son came home at 3 a.m. to his North Lake Avenue apartment and found the door wide open. The 3-year-old was asleep on a couch by himself, Christmas presents were missing and Ocasio, who was supposed to be watching the boy, was gone.

Andrea Ocasio (Albany police photo) / AL A little “me” time perhaps?  Ocasio’s son saw grandma coming out of a crack house down the street and alerted police, who were kind enough to retrieve the presents for the three year old. 

Grandma Andrea fessed up to swiping the swag, no doubt aware of how many drug dealers happily exchange big wheels for anything remotely resembling snow this time of year as a gesture of good will toward man (and addict).

While many of us are busy finishing up our holiday shopping, putting that special finishing touch on the tree and wondering which gingerbread man to leave out for Santa, we tend not to put much thought into the fact that drug addicts are every bit as addicted in the latter part of December as they are any other time of year.  About the only positive aspect of this story is that Ocasio didn’t sell her 3-year-old grandson for crack.

Many talk about drugs as a consensual crime, and would leave crack addicts to their own devices.  While the War on Drugs certainly hasn’t helped to protect baby Ocasio or shutter the crack house down the street, it’s diversion of resources from meaningful treatment and education toward things like armored personnel carriers for local cops to crush chickens.

I suspect that few readers will be sweating the details of where to get that Christmas Eve fix this year.  But perhaps there will be a moment in the festivities to think of Andrea Ocasio.  Or if not her, perhaps her 3-year-old grandson, who didn’t chose to have a crack-addled grandma who would steal his Christmas presents for a fix.

It’s easy to blame Andrea Ocasio for being a truly awful person, putting her desire for drugs ahead of her concern for her own grandson.  But she’s a crack addict. Her mind doesn’t work that way, only craving the high and unable (not unwilling, but incapable) to consider the consequences of her action. 

Though society has dumped billions into a big black hole over more than 40 years because we were told that was the way to “solve” this problem, our adoption of the myth that we can win a war against drugs is every bit as worthless and foolish as leaving crack-addicted Andrea Ocasio to babysit her toddler grandson.  And America still struggles to embrace treatment rather than incarceration, after decades of being told that we had no choice but to sink huge bundles of cash to win the war, buy the equipment, pay the heroes, build the prisons so we could send all the evil druggies to the gulag, was the only way to win,

Wish Andrea Ocasio and her grandson a Merry Christmas. 

H/T  David Giacalone (who, I’m happy to say, is doing quite well)

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  1. Jordan

    This is a pretty interesting article on Portugal’s drug policy, which fights drug addiction with therapy and treatment rather than bars, fines, and a lifetime in the criminal justice system.

    Guess which system works better?

    [Edit. Note: Link deleted per rules.]

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