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  1. DDJ

    Actually an interesting idea for fanciful, besotted musings.

    But mindful of the difficulty of getting Internet-horses back in the barn once the gate’s been opened …and your own policy about writing that makes people stupider,

    Ms. Scarlett (only playing the odds here) should be packed away in some back-of-the-back room at Bellevue and fed moderately nourishing meals for the rest of her days.

  2. Brett Middleton

    A real eye opener. All these years I thought gender was determined by biology — genes, chromosomes, and all that sciencey stuff. Now that I know it is actually assigned by physicians, I want to sue somebody. See, when I was born, my mother wanted to name me “Brenda”, but the doctor (undoubtedly following some secret patriarchal rape-culture protocol) assigned me to be male. Mom always passed it off as her being woozy from the anesthetic at the time, but, as a registered nurse herself, she was probably just keeping the professional code of silence about the true situation. Thank goodness Christin has finally let in some sunlight on this sordid practice!

    So, do I have a case, Mr. SJ? After all, I could have been a member of a victim class instead of a hated, privileged, white male if that baby-catcher hadn’t interfered. (Come to think of it, don’t the doctors also assign race at birth? Why couldn’t I have at least been a minority if I was going to be stuck with being male?)

    1. Anonsters

      Your sex is determined by your biology. Your gender is something else entirely—at least in modern parlance, where “gender” refers to social and cultural differences between the sexes, and “sex” refers to the dangly (vel non) parts.

  3. Bruce Coulson

    I know that some doctors are accused of ‘playing God’, but this article seems to accept that premise without reservations…

  4. Fubar

    Found on a crumpled and tear-stained fragment unearthed by archaeologists from the rubble of the Crumbling Patriarchy™. Further fragments, prohibited from circulation by the Postmaster General, included exquisite diatribes on Freudian theories of polymorphous perversity in infants.

    Your baby, deems Christin Malloy,
    Is neither a girl nor a boy.
    Maybe gender assignment
    Is merely alignment
    To the role you demand of your toy.

  5. Charlesmorrison

    Hey, she is a so-called “human rights activist” and a web developer. I’m not sure what qualifies one as either those, but were those labels pushed upon her? Seems to me that folks that came before her said, “hey, this is what we’re called.” Labels help. It tells us all what we’re talking about.

    I am amused at this article. She needed to have a take, I guess.

  6. david

    I initially thought this was going to be an anti-vaccination diatribe, but instead I now know that we are actually at higher risk of being sexed incorrectly than we are of developing autism from vaccines. I must let Jenna Jameson know immediately, she’ll know what to do . . . nekkid!

  7. John S.

    I recognize that “do whatever the hell you want” is as admirable a philosophy as any when it comes to making decisions for oneself, but knowing the biological gender of your child is rather important. If your teenage daughter comes to you saying she’s bleeding from her genitals, it’s probably time for a somewhat uncomfortable talk. If your son comes to you saying he’s bleeding from his genitals, holy mother of god, call an ambulance.

    sidebar: I note that the author explicitly says the doctor is male; is this a reflection of the author’s subconscious belief of “doctors are male”, or is the intended reading to be that a female doctor would not so ‘traumatize’ an infant?

    1. SHG Post author

      She also refers to the doc’s paternalistic grin, which would be under his mask. Even smiles are gender based.

  8. Neville

    The article is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, and all but one of the 1.5K commentators on Slate agree.

    What perturbs me is that her histrionic, no logic approach does real damage to the cause of transgender rights.

    1. SHG Post author

      I think anyone with half a brain reading it knows that stupidity and transgender have nothing to do with one another. While she certainly does nothing to help the cause, she’s also not representative of anyone except herself.

  9. DHMCarver

    Thanks for posting that piece. That was the funniest damn thing I have read in a while. I often wonder whether people who write such pieces have had children. My guess is no — this one certainly seems not to have had a child. (There is regular use of “your child” — an odd construct, in the context.)

    I was particularly amused by the connection, or dare I say conspiracy, between the patriarchal medical complex and gender assignment. When my child was delivered, it was a patriarchal(?) midwife of a women’s health clinic who performed the oppressive hetero-normative act of saying, “It’s a boy!”. And the doula concurred in her reasoning. Gender traitors! (Or something. . . .)

  10. Daniel Moody

    The most insane thing about the article is that – according to man-made law – Milloy is right. Re-read the article, taking the terms “male” and “female” to represent states of mind, not body. That is how the State now understands them.

    So, Milloy’s article translates as, “we currently allow parents to dictate their child’s emotional identity. Instead, we should let the child decide”. On those terms who could disagree? Here come blank birth certificates.

  11. Matthew K

    Why is she conflating gender assignment surgery with transgenders? The two are not the same thing! Many transgendered individuals started out as perfectly normal boys & girls. To lay the blame of widespread transgender confusion at the feet of the patriarchal male doctor is absurd. This is a very rare surgery! There simply aren’t enough people born with in-between genitalia to account for all the transgendered individuals out there.

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