The Meaning of The Day

During brutal wars, the sides would lay down their arms for a day, maybe a few, for a ceasefire. No horrible thing would happen if they weren’t killing each other for a few days. Maybe something horrible wouldn’t happen. Maybe a few people would live.

But there is no ceasefire to be had this year.

The impetus for Sally Kohn’s twit was Trump’s “Happy Hanukkah” twit. Even that he can’t do without “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian” attacking him for it. The view has been asserted that it’s this depth of hatred and extremism that has driven America away from the positions held by advocates like Sally Kohn and put Trump in office.

The point is absolutely rejected by those who are certain that their positions are righteous, and who look to any excuse or rationalization other than the fact so others accept their stance.  And so, they double down, triple down, keep pounding away at their hatred in the name of tolerance, oblivious to the hypocrisy they layer atop their social justice cause.

So Darth Trump twitted a Hanukkah greeting? I’m not a fan of obvious pandering, though some people like it, or more importantly, would use its absence as evidence of their evil. But the worst you can make of it is a big, fat “meh,” right? Obviously not, as Kohn seized upon it to prove that if Trump breathes air, he is stealing it from the lungs of the poor and killing intersectional babies.

Does this impress the hell out of her fellow social justice warriors? Of course. Their hatred runs deep. They are consumed by it, so much so that as benign a twit as Happy Hanukkah presents an opportunity to attack. If Trump said “good morning,” someone would scream about his diminishing their transgender life experience.

But then, tit for tat, because obsessive-compulsiveness knows no team.

Shapiro couldn’t let it go, couldn’t shrug and focus on the spirit of the day, on his family, on anything but not letting Kohn’s attack go without response. As if to accentuate the point, Shapiro even had to start with the “Actually” trope, favored by third-graders everywhere.

We ended up here with a sophisticated mix of views and problems, most of which reflected two presidential candidates that most of America found insufferable. One will be president.* Of the many things this nation needs, an end of gridlock, of blind hatred and intolerance, the end of extremism, is high on the list.

Today is the first day of Hanukkah. Today is Christmas Day. Put down your weapons. No one has to die today on either side. For one day, just one, let America not have to endure the onslaught of hysterical hatred, no matter what lies you tell yourself to pretend it’s not you, but the other team, and you’re right.

Peace on earth.

*It might be one thing to fight hard against something Trump does as president. But he’s not yet president. He hasn’t yet done anything. What he will do has yet to be seen. Anticipation is fine, but within the relative confines of reality. Anticipating that his mere existence will be the end of human existence may be workable for the clinically insane and social justice warriors, but most of America would rather see what he does before condemning him. And they see anticipatory hysteria as the antithesis of a team with which they want to play. Because they aren’t totally nuts.

13 thoughts on “The Meaning of The Day

  1. Hal

    Happy HannuKwanzaaMas!

    I know that my ignorance of popular culture is vast, but who is America’s favorite cable news lesbian? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Not to take anything from La Kohn, but I’m reminded* of Doonebury’s character Zipper Harris explaining that Walden College is “the Harvard of Southwestern Connecticut”.

    * Yes, Scott, that’s whom I’m reminded of.

  2. The Present-Minded Professor

    And then my wife got all mad at me for taking time on Christmas morning to respond to this SJ post criticizing Ben Shapiro for going after Sally Kohn for attacking Donald Trump for wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah. Nice going, Trump. He’s literally acting just like Hitler.

  3. Jim Tyre

    I wish people would focus on the real issues. The FBI holiday tweet was far more sinister.

    Happy Hanukkah, Scott, and happy holidays to all your readers. (Well, most.)

    1. SHG Post author

      If you had a blog, you could twit about the issues you find more real and twits you find more sinister. Then you could have readers to wish happy holidays (Well, most).

  4. Frank

    A Jewish friend once told me that the Jewish holidays boiled down to “Someone tried to kill us. We survived. Let’s eat.”

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