Crisis Mismanagement In Charlottesville (Update x3)

The Charlottesville, Virginia Pier One Import stores was thrilled to sell out of its late summer stock of tiki torches, which haven’t been particularly popular since Leave It To Beaver went off the air. It happened* so quickly, as the injunction was just signed.

U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad ordered a preliminary injunction late Friday night in a lawsuit filed against the city by right-wing blogger Jason Kessler.

Yes, that mean old First Amendment which shouldn’t but does protect hate speech means that a small band of idiots gets to stand around with tiki torches and pretend they’re relevant.

After the ruling, far-right protesters gathered at the University of Virginia ahead of Saturday’s rally. Protesters marched on the school grounds with torches, who later were ordered to disperse by university police after they declared the protest an “unlawful assembly.” Images of the protest circulated on social media.

They become an instant meme on twitter, a target for ridicule, a joke. And their little, white penises shriveled up and hid, the realization being that they didn’t invoke fear and concern, but laughs. At most, these are pathetic misfits, whose cries of white genocide are met with shaking heads and sadness that there are crazies who aren’t receiving the medications they need to be sane.

In other words, these are not people to be taken seriously. No sane person would want to join their ranks. They are readily, and completely, dismissed as a congregation of lunatics looking ridiculous with their tiki torches.

And that would be the end of it, the University of Virginia police cleaning up the human detritus on campus and millions on twitter trying to outwit each other for lulz at the expense of these nutjobs. But that just couldn’t happen.

Mathias went on to tell the flip side of a story that shouldn’t have been a story at all.

On one side, there were little boys pretending to be white supremacists. On the other, the Antifa, pretending to be anti-fascists by being just as fascist as the fascists. So why not rail against the neo-Nazis and leave the Black Lives Matters and Antifa alone, at worst, or praise their bold fight against the Proud Boys at best? Are these not the brave soldiers in the fight for social justice, while the tiki-holders are literally Hitler?

The knee-jerk reaction is to go tit-for-tat, tu quoque if you will, as if Newton’s Third Law was invoked. “Well, they did it, so we can do it too.” Not only is this facile and infantile, but it’s bullshit. One side is comprised of ridiculous crazies, dismissed by anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and a slice of sanity. Is that what BLM and Antifa seeks to be as well?

The expectation is that college students are just a little smarter than that. It’s hoped that education enables them to think a little better, a little deeper, than the stupidest humanity has to offer. The expectation is not that our educated elite children will devolve to the lowest uncommon denominator. The hope is not that they will be as violent, as outrageous, as idiotic, as the tiki-holders.

What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last night was not a condemnation of white supremacists, not because they don’t deserve condemnation, but because it didn’t need to be said and most assuredly didn’t need to be met with violence.

But the Antifa? The college kids (and their professors) who are supposed to be the ones who are smarter, better educated, potentially future leaders of America, showed themselves to be just as bad as the worst among us. You preach love and tolerance, and seek to achieve it with a bike lock to the head, pepper spray to the face? And against losers like this?

When the solution to violence is violence, to hate is hate, to facism is facism, you are no different, and just as bad, as your enemy. But when you are supposed to be better, smarter, less crazy, then you’re worse. They have an excuse, as they’re batshit crazy. You have no excuse, as you’ve been handed every advantage and are still no better than them.

And lest anyone try to trade off the white supremacist poseurs, Christopher Mathias, national reporter for the Huffington Post, covered the dumpster fire and was threatened with a beating, or worse, for his efforts. Not by the Proud Boys, but by those who opposed them.**

You can’t claim the moral high ground when your actions are indistinguishable from your enemy’s. Wrapping yourselves in cries of justice won’t insulate you from your brand of violence and fascism over the other team’s. This is war? That’s what they say too, and both of you are wrong, disgraceful and moronic. But the faux neo-Nazis are a joke, while you are supposed to be the smart ones. You lose.

Update: Joe Heim reports on Charlottesville for the WaPo.

Update 2: I neglected to mention that the ACLU represented Kessler in the action. This was just a pure defense of free speech, no self-interest and certainly not something their social justice fans would support. I applaud the ACLU for their principled stand.

Update 3: News is that violence has erupted. A neo-Nazi ran down a group of protesters, killing at least one and injuring 19 others. There are two additional deaths, both police. There may well be more, and the president has issued an horrendously tone-deaf statement.

So now, these pimpleboys are real, they have been made into a serious threat and a group that matters rather than the joke they are. People are dead, and this has generated a new round of hysteria and outrage. The pimples won because others made them matter.

*It didn’t happen, as far as I know. This was added for color and melodrama, which should make complete sense after reading this post.

**Mathias subsequently backed off his identification of those who threatened him, stating:

Correction: I talked to antifa there but can’t confirm these people were antifa. They were counter-protesters tho

Apparently, he didn’t check their official Antifa membership cards as they were threatening him.

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  1. albeed


    Just the other day I was talking to my [this space intentionally left blank] on our deck in the evening and said, you know what would be retro and cool, a couple of tiki-torches to light up the night, to go with our fire pit table.

    Now I will be branded a white supremacist and need to worry that the antifa crowd will burn down or at least egg my house.

      1. Hal

        Tests showed it didn’t work as well as Zyklon B, though.

        Tasteless, I know. Black humor sometimes appeals on gray days….

  2. FK

    Yes, passive resistance and silence in the 30s and 40s was wildly successful. It has been similarly successful in Austria and Hungary today.
    Not going to defend antifa, or their tactics, but saying you might punch someone is not remotely the same as actually punching them. A 3rd grader grasps this.

    1. SHG Post author

      By 5th grade, they are capable of recognizing absurdly inapt analogies. You’ll get there. Eventually. Maybe.

  3. B. McLeod

    Both sides are comprised of ridiculous crazies. At least the tiki torches should help to repel any local swarms of mosquitos.

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