Short Take: A Pitch and a Whiff

A flack sent me a pitch yesterday that caught my eye. Very few do. Most are complete nonsense, often trying to pawn off someone to quote for a subject whose thought no one would otherwise care about. Delete.

But this pitch interested me, so I responded to the flack to send me an advance copy of the “open letter” that would come out in the media today. “Thanks! Will do!!!” was the reply.

Then . . . nothing. After writing two posts this morning, I replied to the “will do” email that I received nothing and he blew the pitch. This is what I received in reply:

I am so sorry. I am doing this pro bono (on my vacation) and forwarded your pitch to organizers. I will follow up about the status of the letter. I was supposed to have the final version last night. I will send it along the second I have it. I am sorry no one responded to you yesterday 🙁

From the explanation, coupled with the sad face emoji, I’m going engage in wild speculation that his flack is a millennial. I will accept as true everything contained in the flack’s reply. My sur-reply?

Too late.

Your problems aren’t mine. You came to me. You pitched me. You got me to bite. Then you make excuses.  This is what failure looks like. Don’t be this person unless you want to fail.

13 comments on “Short Take: A Pitch and a Whiff

  1. Patrick Maupin

    Scene: My cube, about 8 years ago.

    Setup: Millennial walks in and asks a question. I open my mouth to answer, his phone chimes and he checks it.

    Me: You came in here and interrupted me with a question. You have my full undivided attention. Be sure that’s what you want, because if your phone is a distraction, I can fix that problem for you.

    He’s actually much better now. Some of them are actually somewhat trainable.

  2. Jay

    “Kids these days.” Me, age 36

    Is there a minimum age requirement for officially becoming a curmudgeon?

    1. SHG Post author

      It’s not an age thing, but an attitude thing. Feel free to put in an application, but don’t hold your breath.

  3. wilbur

    He threw you what looked like a fastball right in your wheelhouse. Then the bottom dropped out it and it became an unhittable splitter.

    He forgot he was pitching batting practice.

    1. SHG Post author

      The response rate on PR pitches is exceptionally low, as we get a ton of them and, frankly, they’re just utter worthless crap. When you get a bite, that very, very rare bite, it’s not the time to blow it because :(.

  4. B. McLeod

    When you get the one asking you to do a video in an 18th Century admiral’s uniform, to promote free ABA memberships, that one is probably a prank.

    1. Jeff Gamso

      Wig. I want a barrister’s wig.

      As a freebie, of course, in exchange for which I’ll review the wig (color, texture, fit [?], length, coolness) on my blog. I’ll even include a picture of me wearing it in court!!!

  5. Justin

    I think I’m missing some context. What kind of pitch was this? Was it someone wanting to guest write a blog post on SJ?

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