Gone Salmon Fishing

Out of here for a bit. I won’t have much internet access, so I’ve sent David the keys to the joint while I’m away. Please don’t let him crash the Healey.

Have fun and be well.

18 thoughts on “Gone Salmon Fishing

  1. Richard Kopf


    Get off your ass. Post something that will lessen my boredom.

    All the best.

    PS Quit riding the clutch on the Healey.

    1. Guitardavid

      Judge Kopf,
      45 years of making music…and this just blows my freaking mind…enjoy.

      1. RGK



        For those of us who can’t chew gum and walk at the same time, this alien creature’s beautiful singing is a miracle to behold. Stunning. Thank you.

        My boredom is now relieved. I think I will take a shower. Perhaps my voice will sound better there.

        All the best.


        1. Guitardave

          Your welcome. As others have said, she’s my favorite alien.

          Never could figure out why my PA mixing board has 8 different reverb options,( room, hall, stadium, etc.) and none of them are named ‘shower’…???, which everyone knows is the best.

          I have a ‘Judge’ question. ( See the vid I replied to HG, with the amazing Anna-Maria ).
          If i was on the stand because i did what Anna suggested in the song, would you go easy on me? The news would dub it the “Siren song defense”… and no, you can not recuse yourself because your a man.
          Regards, GD
          PS; Cut David a little slack, because those giant German feet in a little British car…

          1. Richard Kopf

            GD, assuming you looked like Anna, I would cut you all the slack you required. In these matters and with ladies like Anna, I’m would not be so fussy.

            All the best.


            PS David is not entitled to slack. He is too tall and too smart and that bothers me more than I can tolerate.

            1. Guitardave

              ROFL…. I’m a bit hungover…first good laugh of the day…tall and smart,
              definitely a dangerous combination.
              Regards, GD

            2. SHG Post author

              David has not been seen since his date with a lanky red haired Canadian.

              SHG at Steward’s Folly

      2. Fubar

        Great demo!

        American blues artist Paul Pena (1950-2005) taught himself the Khoomei, Sygyt and Kargyraa styles. He was known to Tuvans as “Cher Shimjer”, “Earthquake”. His journey to Tuva and studies with Kongar-ol Ondar. were subject of the film Genghis Blues in 1999.

        The best known, and the only Tuvan women’s throat singing group that performs all styles, is Tyva Kyzy (Daughters of Tuva):

        1. Guitardave

          I explored the Tuvan thing a few years ago; very cool. The lack of western melodic structure leaves me wanting to overlay melodies on top of the polyphonic drone…like bagpipes, drone and chanter. I use DADGAD tuning at times on the guitar to get a drone/melody thing going. ( I might put up a vid of an instrumental w/ that tuning, while the ‘cat’s away’..)
          I played around with imitating the Tuvan thing…i could kinda get some overtones, but they’re hard to hear when your doing it. Yesterday i watched the first 3 of Anna-Maria’s short instructional vids, and actually produced a distinct second note!…..but I still can’t fathom how she moves the notes harmonically in different directions….it is freaky.
          Regards, GD

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