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As you know, my theory is that I write the posts and, should you find them sufficiently worthwhile to read (whether for love or hate), it’s up to you to contribute to the freight of keeping SJ online.

So if you want to help, there’s a way you can do so and make $50. I know, right? SoFi bank* will pay you $50 to open an online bank account, called SoFi Money, and fund it with $100. SoFi will then pay me $50 for referring you. It takes about five minutes, it’s intrusive because what bank isn’t, but for your $100 funding (and it actually pays a far better interest rate than brick and mortar banks), you get $50 and so does SJ.

Here’s the referral link.

(For you cut and pasters: )

If you’re so inclined, that would be great and will help in covering the cost of maintaining SJ. Thank you.

*SoFi is technically not a regulated bank, but an “online personal finance company.”

14 thoughts on “Support SJ, Make Money

  1. Andrew

    I happened to be considering SoFi anyway, so now I have a good reason to get on with it. Thanks for all your writing and insight. If I ever needed a New York criminal defense lawyer, I could afford you, and you’d have me as a client, I’d hire you. Not a likely scenario, but anything can happen.

  2. Bear

    I sometimes don’t agree with you, but you *always* make me think. As painful as that can be at my age, I greatly appreciate it. And now I get fifty bucks to do it. Took me less than two minutes to set up the account. Thanks.

  3. losingtrader

    I’ve already been trying to run this Sofi Ponzi scheme/ MLM scam on my friends.
    You do realize you’re limited to $10,000 in referral bonuses?
    BTW, if anyone wants to thumb their nose at SHG , here’s my Sofi link:



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