A Reply To Colonist Seaton’s Thanksgiving Slavery

Chris Seaton is your typical cis white male colonist, caring only about the Thanksgiving turkey, dammit, and not a lick about the 556 federally recognized tribes of indigenous people who suffered for his stuffing. When I read his screed, I was literally shaking.

Thus, it’s incumbent upon me to counter his polemic with a more empathetic post to reflect the critical issue of what makeup a true ally should wear in order to demonstrate their lack of complicity.

I, too, hope your turkey is dry, Susan.

13 thoughts on “A Reply To Colonist Seaton’s Thanksgiving Slavery

  1. Elpey P.

    After watching that, it looks like she would be a welcome and entertaining presence at a Thanksgiving gathering, especially if there were any unsufferably woke relatives present. She and Seaton could sit together and make smartass comments like the critics on The Muppet Show.

        1. B. McLeod

          Before the episode aired, they had to send Ernie out for a medical screening to determine if he was healthy enough for sax.

    1. SHG Post author

      The monstrous pile of crap on the chair behind her makes me suspect she would do well to spend more time on her own issues than other people’s.

      When you say “delightfully funny,” do you mean in a George Carlin kind of way or a Samantha Bee kind of way?

  2. CLS

    I was in a part of Tennessee this morning with little cell phone service and no wifi. Now that I’ve been able to watch the YouTube video, I have so many questions.

    For starters, I cannot tell if this young lady is being serious or if this is satirical. Alas, Poe’s Law claims yet another victim!

    Second, who the fuck is Susan and what did she do to our makeup tutor to deserve “dry as shit” Turkey?

    Regardless, I have laughed so many times at this post. One of the reasons I do the Friday Funny is to give readers a good laugh heading into the weekend. It is an honor for the proprietor of this establishment to “get” me in this fashion and turn me from a grumpy ass to a jolly bastard.

    Thanks, SHG.

  3. Dave Landers

    As of 29 January 2018, 573 Native American tribes were legally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) of the United States.

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