McLeod’s Peeps: CoronaVirus Edition

Before he was thrown off the island, B.McLeod would participate in the ABA Journal’s Easter “Peeps” contest with the creation of a diorama plus a song. Since the ABA Journal went woke, and B.McLeod did not, he needed a new home for his handiwork. How could I say no?

I leave it to B.McLeod to explain the method behind his madness.

And, of course, what’s a Peeps diorama without musical accompaniment?


9 thoughts on “McLeod’s Peeps: CoronaVirus Edition

  1. B. McLeod

    A tribute not only to our colleagues in the practice, but to everyone who might find themselves working from home (or not working) in these difficult times.

  2. L. Phillips

    I see more than a faint resemblance to the Admiral. The toolkit used to fix whatever is broken is a dead giveaway – followed closely by our hero’s attachment to a computer.

    Apologies to Dr. SJ though.

  3. john Barleycorn

    Nice…. but wasn’t it really Eleanor who wore the pandemic pants and fox pelts in that Roosevelt family?

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