9 thoughts on “For Barleycorn: Your Turn

  1. Guitardave

    Gee, I wonder how many more years we have to wait on the edge of our seats till little Bobby Z. whips one out about King or Malcolm X?
    Sorry JB, but I think I’d rather pick my nose for 16 minutes…I’d be more productive, and fun.
    But hey. you gotta serve somebody….”wi wi wit with the….” , right Bobby?

      1. Guitardave

        On a less harsh note, lets just say I agree with what Joni says. ( the Dylan comment is at the very end…but her comments on interviewers before that are classic.)

  2. B. McLeod

    Dylan in his day wrote some great songs, but his defining characteristic has always been that anyone else can sing a Dylan song better than Dylan.

  3. David Meyer-Lindenberg

    Jeez, something smells like Boomer in here. Maybe our generations can agree on this.

  4. John Barleycorn

    Pierre Paul Broca could make a case study of this thread… but I dont think there are enough sticks to sell Big Broca placebos along with the real deal this fall at the county fair, to make it truly double blind…

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