Law and Logistics: What To Do?

Now that Halloween is in the rearview mirror, Saks is decorating its windows for Christmas, except you won’t be able to see them because they’re behind plywood sheets like a great many stores in Manhattan. You see, they are preparing for rioting and looting. Whether it will happen remains to be seen, but as the coasties say, semper paratus.

To his credit, Joe Biden has condemned rioting and looting, and been roundly excoriated by his supporters who use the hashtag #SettleForBiden as they await the great coming of WokeWorld when he either capitulates to AOC’s demands or Kamala Harris shoves the knife in his back. But what to do about it, beyond saying words, remains a mystery. If there’s rioting, if there’s looting, then what?

Philadelphia’s prohibition passed amid a week of rioting after police shot and killed a 27-year-old black man. As of Friday 58 police officers had sustained injuries, including one whose leg was broken after she was deliberately run over by a truck. The city also reported 443 incidents of looting. Rioters used explosives in an attempt to break into 22 automated-teller machines, and they damaged 18 police and fire vehicles.

Such scenes of urban anarchy have become depressingly routine, and Americans are on edge. This year has seen a record-breaking number of people seeking to buy guns, and big-city retailers are now installing plywood as a post-election precaution. All of this reflects a lack of confidence that police will be able to protect public safety and private property.

It’s not as if the police have covered themselves in glory over the past year. Pepper spraying peaceful marchers is the sort of outrageous conduct that gives rise to such prohibitions. My old pal Greg Doucette has been keeping a running score of police misconduct, some of which are atrocities and others not so much, but it’s undeniable that there have been a huge number of outrageous abuses perpetrated by cops. But rioters and looters aren’t peaceful marchers.

The problem is that without the availability of tools to deal with anarchy, and it is most assuredly anarchy (which the anarchists are pretty happy about), what is there to be done about it?

Despite these concerns, police also face new restrictions on their use of crowd-control weapons in Seattle, Berkeley, Portland, Ore., and other hot spots. Progressives claim such tear-gas bans will help de-escalate violent confrontations between demonstrators and the police. Yet when police are unable to use less-than-lethal tools to disperse riots, they’re more likely to rely on deadly alternatives like guns.

There has been an ongoing argument over who is more to blame for riots, the rioters or the cops. There have been numerous examples of the policing shooting, whether noxious gas or rubber bullets, prematurely, turning a peaceful protest into a riot. But then there have been riots. And looting defies almost all connection to any legitimate claim of well-intended protest. There are people who want a color TV, a Gucci handbag or Air Jordans without paying for them, and so they steal them en masse because why not?

Do we let it go? Do we making that “tsking” noise at the rioters and looter, but otherwise expect nothing to be done and let them do as they will?

And then there’s the question of what to do when they leave Fifth Avenue and come to your cul de sac. Gun shops have bare shelves for a reason.

The vapid contention that destroying property or looting stores for rich people is some sort of justifiable act. People are filled with fury, which may well be true, but does that mean they get to burn down buildings? People have suffered historic discrimination, but does that mean they get to loot Walmart?

If not, what is to be done about it? We still have police, despite the efforts to neuter their ability to either do their job or do needless harm, according to your perspective. If they’re directed to stand down, no protester will be harmed but no looter will be stopped. And if we strip them of their noxious gas or less-lethal weapons, the only weapons they will have are their guns loaded with live, deadly ammunition. When they face a crowd of hundreds, do you think the bullets will only land in the bodies of wrongdoers?

This isn’t so much a problem of ideology, but one of logistics. If rioting and looting are not acceptable conduct, and this is the case for almost anyone who hasn’t completely lost their mind, then what do you propose be done? There are only so many options available, and not even plywood boards can keep dedicated looters from their loot.

22 thoughts on “Law and Logistics: What To Do?

  1. Hunting Guy

    Pat Buchanan.

    “The Republican Party of Richard Nixon was called to power in 1968 to bring an honorable end to the war in Vietnam and restore law and order to campuses and cities convulsed by crime, riots and racial violence. Nixon appeared to have succeeded and was rewarded with a 49-state landslide.”

  2. Drew Conlin

    Is it inevitable that eventually the rioters will be confronted by angry citizens with guns? Another mob in other words. If so it won’t be pretty

    1. SHG Post author

      My hope is that the grown ups will be very reluctant to shoot, recognizing that these are just stupid children. But the point will come when a threat to life might hang in the balance. I hope it doesn’t.

      1. B. McLeod

        Reasonably likely, as long as it’s just the Wal Mart. One the looters begin attacking homes, even grown-ups will be under pressure to put up an effective defense.

  3. Richard Parker

    “Petrograd spent all evening and night catching and killing its own police. During the nighttime, they would kill them on the streets without even taking them far, or drown them in ice-holes in the Obvdny Canal.”

    Alekasandr Solzhenitsyn, The Red Wheel (March 1917), Node III, Book 1, page 572

  4. Jake

    “And then there’s the question of what to do when they leave Fifth Avenue and come to your cul de sac.”

    I’d relax. It’s highly unlikely Trump’s disappointed supporters will riot but if they do, I doubt they’ll be doing it in the suburbs.

    The other team riots when the cops kill their neighbors, not when elections don’t go their way.

    1. LocoYokel

      not when elections don’t go their way.

      Why do you persist in posting such stupid shit when everybody here remembers the riots after Hillary lost the last election (and it’s easily googleable)? Are you really that stupid? Get an f’ing clue.

  5. Steve King

    Well written as usual.

    If you deny the police flexible responses, then all you have is either nothing or lethal force. If I was police officer facing a riot with the threat of immanent death or great bodily harm, I would shoot. If less than lethal methods had been allowed, maybe it would not have gotten to that point. I believe that historically, rioters and looters have been shot on sight. The development of CS, etc, allowed police to break up riots before they got to the point of no return.

    These are NOT spontaneous eruptions of passions. They are planned and organized in my opinion. The anarchists know what they are doing and how to go about organizing these things. As stated previously, I hope some of those mysterious vans from DHS are around doing cell phone tracking and traffic analysis. Some hard time in a Federal prison may be the cure. Do not doubt that weapons are present among the “protestors.”

    Lets look at the aiding and abetting of this by the political class. If City Council decides that it is better to be such wonderful people by banning tear gas and arrests, the fault is on them, If the local DAs decide to practice catch and release, then I hope the get what they ask for-the war of “all against all.” Particularly if it visits them personally. Also one would hope that if a DA is not doing equal protection under law that someone could at least file a complaint to that effect under Federal law.

    As for burning and looting stores, most of those stores serving poor areas WILL NOT COME BACK. About 75% of small businesses are under insured. The large businesses may, but the question would be why? Why go do business in a place where it would be disrespected, my people would be at risk, and every time something happens that has nothing to do with me, they burn down my building? This is why the “hood” has no services. Look at Baltimore after the Freddy Gray riots.

    If they wish to go to the ‘burbs so be it. They may get away with it in NYC, etc., in blue zones. Would not try it in most red zones. A deer gun may not be an AR, but it will at least do the job.

  6. Jardinero1

    The most interesting thing about this campaign season has been the utter absence of any talk about “common sense” gun control measures. We are all Hellerites and MacDonaldites now.

    1. SHG Post author

      Wow, I hadn’t realize that, but you’re right. There’s been almost no talk of gun control this time around.

    2. Rengit

      Biden’s campaign tweeted over the weekend that as President he would ban assault weapons, universal background checks, and all the other usual Democratic policy proposals on guns. No different than the Obama platform in his second term. Both campaigns have been using the past several days to dump policies on social media and on their websites, policies that would normally be very unpopular or at best politically risky, so that in the event they win, the parties can say, “See, people voted for this!”

    3. PML

      Because to a great many rural Americans there is no such thing as “COMMON SENSE” gun control measures.

    4. JD

      By making all semi automatics and high cap magazines NFA items, subject to the $200 per item tax, the typical gun owner could easily be looking at $20,000 to $200,000 to keep what they already have.

      As it hasn’t been indexed for inflation since enacted in 1934, it could easily be increased by a factor of ten.

      States can opt out of allowing people to own NFA items, meaning it is a complete ban on those states.

      Not going to turn this into a gun subthread, but gun control is there and is well noticed by gun owners.

  7. Jeff

    Not for nothing, but Trump’s presidency started with these black bloc anarchists smashing store windows, throwing cinder blocks and lighting cars on fire.

  8. losingtrader

    “There are people who want a color TV, a Gucci handbag or Air Jordans without paying for them, and so they steal them en masse because why not?

    Do we let it go?”

    Hell NO. We go to Ebay to get that Gucci purse.
    In case any rioters are reading this blog , pleas contact SHG for my email as I’d like to place a pre-order.

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